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The Role of the World Trade Organization in Globalization - Coursework Example

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The paper "The Role of the World Trade Organization in Globalization" discusses that while participation from developing nations is desirable but a core group is essential to solve issues fast. It also helps to keep the costs low. Trust-building measures should be adopted…
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The Role of the World Trade Organization in Globalization
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Extract of sample "The Role of the World Trade Organization in Globalization"

Download file to see previous pages The protests according to the President of Mexico came from people who were either ignorant of the exact situation despite having a genuine concern and hence were swayed by emotions or by those who had become insecure in their jobs with globalization.
WTO claimed that the first charge was a misconception. It claimed that it opposed measures that use environmental protection as a guide for the protection of domestic industries against foreign competition and not to the measures to protect the environment as the allegations suggested. WTO debated that under its rules, environmental protection measures are prohibited only if those measures treat foreign producers more harshly than domestic producers. It was later found as seen in the case of fur, cosmetic and beef that any country could apply trade restrictions unilaterally3. WTO had a very narrow interpretation of Article XX of GATT and through its use of the product/process rule, it did place economic considerations ahead of other concerns such as environmental protection, animal welfare, and human rights.
The WTO tried to defend the second charge that the members’ sovereignty is definitely curtailed as long as they are a member of this organization. Africa was not allowed to manufacture the drugs for AIDS indigenously but when antibiotic for anthrax was required, the US Administration asked Bayer to slash the prices or they would be forced to buy a cheaper generic version4. The developed nations were embarrassed with this show of double standards and accepted WTO’s declaration that the member nation could determine emergencies and take effective measures. This issue shows how sharply trade agreements can intrude into the most vital decisions a government can face. The loss of national sovereignty might be a price worth paying for the benefits that WTO gives even though it does not violate the national sovereignty in any formal sense. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Role of the World Trade Organization in Globalization Coursework.
(The Role of the World Trade Organization in Globalization Coursework)
The Role of the World Trade Organization in Globalization Coursework.
“The Role of the World Trade Organization in Globalization Coursework”.
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