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Micro and Macro Economics for Public Policy - Assignment Example

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The market allocation size of the brink depends on the utility of each family and the clearing costs of each family. The rink is smaller because of it is not optimized as per the three constraints. Perssons are still better off with least marginal cost, other families’ loose out.
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Micro and Macro Economics for Public Policy
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Extract of sample "Micro and Macro Economics for Public Policy"

Download file to see previous pages The economic concept discussed here is social and environment responsibility. As a company continues its operations, it should be concerned about the social health of the residents within the factory. It should also be a concern for the environmental impact of the industry. The company should work to mitigate any harmful effect on the environment and people within the environment.
It is not worthwhile to increase the price of the good and services when a company is asked upon to check on social health and responsibility. It is a way of irresponsibility and cannot be counteracted by an increase in prices. A suggestion of this kind is bad and requires a condemnation of the highest order.
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