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Chinese Economic Growth: Problems and Perspectives - Research Paper Example

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This paper talks about the importance of the economic growth. It is argued, that the global economic dominance can only be achieved by the country with fast growing economy. This paper specifies the challenges the Chinese economy is facing. The factors that facilitate its growth are considered…
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Download file to see previous pages This paper examines the issue of the Chinese economic growth, analyzes the factors, that influence its rate, both positively and negatively.
Economic growth increases the gross domestic product of a particular country, making it almost to operate at the full employment level. The increase in gross domestic product increases the wealth of a particular country. Most of the economies that dominate the market are characterized with high growth rate in production, skilled personnel and the right technology in place .
Rapid growth of Chinese economy is facilitated by the factors: macroeconomic stabilization, spending on research and development, cheap labor force, trade liberalization, foreign direct investment, physical capital increment, regional development programs and others.
Despite China being considered the most rapidly growing economy, the economy faces the following challenges that may hinder it to threaten and attain United States status of global dominance. These challenges include: high long-term inflation, lagged economic growth, resource constraint and environmental challenge, weakening of international environment, increased reform resistance and others.
China economic growth is promising to give US, as global economic domain ,competition. This will only be realized if planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling are well put in place. Many challenges it experiences may enable US to continue being a global dominance, unless they address their challenges effectively. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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