Changes in Taxation: Impact on Savers or Investors - Research Proposal Example

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This paper tries to explain the relationship between an economic factor and a social factor. Tax is a very important source of government revenue. With the amount that has been collected as tax can be used in various sectors, i.e. it can be used to bear the war expenditure…
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Changes in Taxation: Impact on Savers or Investors
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Download file to see previous pages In case of direct tax shifting of the tax burden is not possible i.e. tax which is charged on personal income, but in case of indirect tax, the shifting of the tax burden is possible i.e. sales tax. In today’s world taxes are collected mostly in the form of money. Saving generally implies lowering the level of expenditure from the income level. It can be considered as an art of protecting money. A person who is doing savings is termed as a saver. An investor can be defined as a person or any enterprise, which mainly purchase various financial assets with the motive of earning a huge return. The investor generally invests in the low-risk project, which includes a longer time period to achieve the return, which most of the time includes a payment on a regular interval. A speculator is a risk-loving person, who invests in a high-risk project with the motive of earning huge profit in a very short period. (Investor. n.d.).
A saver should pay a tax on any savings income or else their volume of earning for any particular year can be greater than the annual limit of tax-free income. In general, savers have to deduct 20pc tax from the level of savings, to receive the gross interest on savings. Savers who do not earn up to that level should finish an HRMC R85 declaration so that they can receive the interest paid without the deduction of tax. According to Halifax savers who have managed to earn greater than the tax allowances can see a reduction in the income level even below the tax threshold limit due to the rise in tax allowances and fall in the level of interest rates. According to Flavia Palacious Umana people who depend on the savings to support their pension have selected the correct product but they have to pay unnecessary tax. He suggested all savers mainly pensioners to review their level of income and they should claim for gross interest according to their eligibility. (Savers paying too much tax, July 20, 2009) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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