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What is the greatest obstacle preventing the US from having a more effective and cost-effective healthcare system - Research Paper Example

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The health system of the country is in tartars. There are several issues that need to be addressed to improve the system. One healthcare issue faced is the current shortage of medical staff and nurses. …
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What is the greatest obstacle preventing the US from having a more effective and cost-effective healthcare system
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Extract of sample "What is the greatest obstacle preventing the US from having a more effective and cost-effective healthcare system"

Download file to see previous pages Different healthcare organizations have been affected by hospital staff turnover. Majority of the medical workers have been overworked and hence deciding to leave the profession. Currently, the decreasing number of nurses and medical personnel is a major problem with no new trainees joining the profession. Because of this, we have very many medical injustices and errors occurring each year. The success of a nation is determined by the health of its citizens. This facilitates economic development because the population is healthy and productive. The older population in America is stressed with the need for health insurance, something very expensive and almost unaffordable (Wieners 48). Because of this, it is necessary to have an insurance collectivism whereby the people are safeguarded from incurring exorbitant expenses for health care services. The issue of health care has widely been debated in the country. Just like the Medicaid Program, I believe something much more is needed to reduce the expenses incurred by the older generation when searching for medical support and care.Today the US is one the countries where a lot of money is spent per individual on issues related to healthcare. This is something that has been stressing the elderly citizens as well as the young ones. That being the case, the government has always been spending enormous amounts of money on other issues instead of tackling the health crisis faced in the country. Experts believe that the issue of health care is seen in the country as a hindrance to other agendas, but this should not be the case (Thompson 1). A lot of money is spent on secondary issues such as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Also, while security is something important, it should not be highly considered compared to the health of the common citizen. From the studies that have been conducted in five key States in 2001, it has been indicated that medical debts always contribute to about 46.2 per cent of the bankruptcies recorded. Another study conducted in the year 2007 showed an increase to 62.1 per cent. The medical expenses in the country have also remained hence making it hard for the people to access better health support (TEDxBigApple). These facts therefore support the need to have free insurance for all legalized citizens of the country. This is the only way the rights of the people can be addressed and have a healthy nation. The logical explanation of any given country is always determined by the health of all its citizens. Possible Answers Today the U.S. is one of the wealthiest countries in the world yet is cannot make sure all the citizens of have proper medical care. Health care in the country is very expensive both from the public and private providers. In 2009, the U.S. Census Bureau announced that over fifty million people in the country had not insurance cover (Anderson 3). This indicates that majority of the people decide to live without any form of health cover rather than paying exorbitant amounts for the cover. Looking at it keenly, the citizens pay very heavy taxes for this health benefit to be provided (Squires 1). However, this is something yet to be realized. It would be wise tax the people and provide them with free medical cover and health insurance. Currently we have many citizens who do not have access or qualify for the insurance provided by the government; others cannot afford or purchase insurance, and other individuals are not insured by private employers. Such people have remained without any medical cover. Taxes paid by the people should always be used to address issues like people’s health and not concentrating much on foreign issues (Fox 1). Budget reports from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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