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A firm analyzed by principles of microeconomics - Research Paper Example

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Microecomics is a branch of economics that deals with the decision made by individuals at a personal level.The principle of microeconomics deals with the manner in which various individual consumers make decisions on how to manage the scarce resources …
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A firm analyzed by principles of microeconomics
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A firm analyzed by principles of microeconomics

Download file to see previous pages... ixed and variable), the potential for technology to change cost, market failure , the government role on externalities and the existing government policies in connection to microeconomic theory. The Market Structure, Market Power, the Cost of Structure and Competition Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has an oligopoly market structure unlike other retailers all over the world that have monopolistic market structure. Nevertheless, the research shows that Wal-Mart Stores also has a monopolistic competition market structure due to the fact that the number of retailers that they have to deal with is too high. It was first opened by Sam Walton in the year 1962 as a discount store. Being the largest chain store in the US, its success has been as a result of the ability of Sam Walton to establish a basic structure meant for their private business ecosystem thus changing the market structure over time. The business has 40-50 departments and the Store Manager is the top store position. Each store has many Assistance Managers who are also the first to be paid salaries in the organization (Bianco 63). Wal-Mart Stores is also divided in to 41 regions managed by regional Vice President, 6 of them being Sam’s Club regions. Walton had a reasonable conclusion, the conclusion was that by offering many brands that are well known and selling the products at a lower price of about 15% as compared to other retailers, the business would be more powerful in the area of retailing. Wal-Mart made a wise decision of establishing more of its branches on the rural areas and in small towns instead of settling their business only in the large cities. This was mainly done to attract people from the suburbs where there was a lot of money unlike other large scale retailers who only concentrated in large towns. The new system worked well for them since they were able to attract many people from the towns to their premises. In not more than three decades since the business was established, it had made a big step forward because it rose from a single and small discount store to become the largest retailer shop in the whole country of US (Bianco 63). Currently, Wal-Mart Stores runs the largest retailer shops in the whole world with over 2500 branches in US alone. One of the principles of microeconomics states that “Rational people think at the margin”. According to the economists, people who are rational usually do their best to achieve their goals and objectives when they have the opportunity. Sam Walton borrowed this idea when he made a decision of lowering the price of the products sold by Wal-Mart Store so as to reach a wider market and serve many customers (Lichtenstein 98). Nature of the Demand, the Shape of Demand Curve and Consumer Setting Demand is the total amount of goods and services that a given consumer is able and willing to buy in a certain period of time at various prices. The demand curve is the price-quantity relationship that is normally represented on a graph, the price being on the Y axis while quantity on the X axis. In terms of supply and demand curve, the demand for the goods provided by the Wal-Matt increases as the economy weakens. This is because the consumers continue to demand for goods that are cheap as the currency value weakens ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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In the first scenario, the firm is recommended to lay off about 10% of its workers and implement specific measures to improve worker productivity such as putting in place a feedback system and introducing a variable pay component. In the second scenario, it is recommended to shut down operations immediately as the gap is too large and it is highly unlikely that the state of break even could be attained.
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This is dependents on the nature of the market that exists in a particular economy. In order to effectively discus the economic transition as argued in the question, it is better to understand exactly what a monopoly market is. This is a market structure where there is only one seller/producer for a particular product i.e.
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Firm performance
Total Revenue = Total Costs Output Price x Output Units = Total Fixed Costs + Unit Variable Cost x Output Units $25 x 200,000 = (TFC + $22) x 200,000 $5,000,000 = (TFC + $22) x 200,000 $5,000,000 = total revenues TFC = (p-v) times X where p is the unit sale price, v is unit variable price, x is unit sales TFC = ($25 - $22) x 200,000 = 3 x 200,000 = $600,000 Total Fixed Costs Profit = revenues – (Fixed Costs + Total Variable Cost) P = $5,000,000 – FC - $4,400,000 P = $600,000 - $600,000 = 0 Assuming a $1,000,000 Fixed Cost $4,400,000 + $1,00,000 / 200,000 = $5,400,000 / 200,000 = $27 Average Total Cost The business sustains a $400,000 loss in scenario two In the third scenario: P = $5,000
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At the given quantity Q, the price should be P, the equilibrium market price of butter. The price of butter will be determined by the intersection of supply and demand. This interaction will also determine the quantity of butter to be produced based on the given price level.
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From the chart if we assume that the market equilibrium price is at 300, then lowest value uses refers to those areas whose average price is 200, these lowest value uses utilize 30 gallons a year while the highest value uses average price is 400 utilizing only 10 gallons a year
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uct brown and black versions of feminine products, the founder Scott Shoemaker invested over $20,000 in designing bags that were male oriented (Merrit 1). The firm exhibits an important element of microeconomics: entrepreneurism. Entrepreneurs have a new idea, venture, or
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How the businesses apply this data and information is decided by the top management. This brief paper examines how businesses apply microeconomics. In his
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There are several strategies that the company can use including advertising through social media, e-commerce, cellular advertising, and video game advertising. Out of these three strategies the one with the most potential is social media advertising.
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UAE is a country which is blessed with immense oil resources whereas it lacks scarcity in manpower resources. In fact UAE is currently facing demographic imbalances because of the huge expatriate workforce available there. The number of overseas population is more than the
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This is because it has been appreciated and criticized in equal measures. By saying this, it means that a green job should be a utilitarian activity which has lots of benefits to the society. In other words, green job projects should be geared towards job
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