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Causes of the US Economic Crisis - 2007 to Present - Term Paper Example

The inaction of the Federal Reserve in stemming the flow toxic mortgages contributed to the crisis. Federal Reserve had the powers to set prudent standards in mortgage lending, but failed to institute the same. The result was a subprime mortgages, which were unsustainable at the long run. The loophole that existed in the subprime mortgage lending exposed financial institutions to risks. Following, the default by mortgage owners, the financial institutions could not use the mortgage securities to recover their debts. The financial crisis inquiry commission observed that subprime lending practices contributed to the economic crisis. The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission observed that the subprime borrowers contributed to the crisis because of their inability to repay the loans. Financial institutions gave their loans to these subprime borrowers; however, they failed to repay of these loans. The consequence of the credit default was evident through huge loses that financial institutions in the mortgage industry incurred. Critics believe that the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae perpetrated risky lending practices in the mortgage industry (Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission 227). Their activity included lending against the assets, which could not compensate for the amount lent to the bank customers. The action of Lehman Brothers and other financial institutions relied on over speculation, thereby failing to balance the effect of credit defaults. The result was the inability of these institutions

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2008 Financial Crisis
2008 Financial Crisis Until the start of the financial crisis in August 2007, the world was experiencing strong economic growth (Obstfeld & Rogoff). Investors and consumers were optimistic in their expectations, which reflected itself in high consumption and investment rates.
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Business Problem Analysis Research Paper: US payment servicec
The company is developing several plans to mitigate its loss and boost up its revenue in different places. Moreover, the rising levels of competition from companies like MoneyGram International or PayPal are also hampering the business of the company. Western Union also has to compete with the local money transfer companies in different countries.
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Scholarly Person in the US Government past or present
He was ordained a minister at the young age of 25 but once again faced discrimination with the United States white clergy. Therefore, he migrated to England and completed his degree at Queens College in Cambridge. Today, Alexander Crummell (1819 – 1898) is regarded and respected as one of 19th centuries leading black intellectuals, whose long and turbulent career as an orator, teacher, writer and minister would always be remembered in the pages of history.
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The principal cause of the financial crisis:corporate governance failure. financial crisis of 2007-2008
With this change due to globalization, the thought process of people has also significantly influenced and they have realized their priorities.The policy makers realized the necessity of interdependence and co-operation in encouraging the international trade.
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LR growth, Economic Fluctuations, US Stabilization Policy
In order to increase economic growth in the country and increase the level of employment in the economy the government should implement expansionary measures thus the government should increases its expenditure and also reduce taxes. In addition, this action by the government increases the level disposable income thus increasing consumption.
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What Caused the Current Economic Crisis
What caused the current economic crisis? The whole world was taken aback as the slow and destructive financial turmoil unfolded in various parts of the world in late 2007. The credit crunch initiated a long chain of inter-connected events that threatened the existence of financial markets all around the globe.
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European causes of its 2012 economic crisis
According to the paper, some peripheral European countries failed the strict execution and enforcement of the EU conditions. These nations accrued big losses and increased public debts. Access to funds at minimal interest rates and poor imposition of EU regulations regarding debit limits facilitated the onset of s European sovereign debt dilemma.
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Korean Economic Crisis
(CIA World Factbook) The World Bank has declared South Korea as a high-income economy. This is just from the macro-economic point of view. If a closer look at how this status has benefited its citizens, its statistics also shows that among the large and relatively healthy Asian economies, the country has the smallest gap between the rich and the poor in its population.
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Causes for the 2007-08 Financial Crisis
ry Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act of 1980 enabled financial institutions to influence the nature of monetary policies thus making the economy susceptible to non-factual policies, as was the case in 2006. Thesis Statement: There are several fundamental
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Causes of the 2007-08 Financial Crisis
The crisis came about due to imprudent and excessive lending by the banks (Chapra, M., 2009). The crisis came about in a chain reaction that started with the mixing of subprime and prime debt and passing the entire risk to the
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to operate. The commission report identified easy credit conditions as a factor that contributed to the crisis. The influence of the federal reserved lower rates charged by banks, thus creating conditions that promoted borrowing. Other than the above consequence of easy credit condition was the increase in demand for financial assets by foreign institutions, which led to an increase in prices of the financial assets against the bank rates.The report observed that the US financial market received foreign funds, which bought treasury bonds. The result of this flood of foreign currency destabilized the financial market in the US causing the crisis. It is important to note that while the foreign investors craved for assets in the US financial market, US financial institutions took the risks of investing in foreign funds in mortgage. However, the decline in value of mortgage securities led to the instability experienced in the market. The argument in the report stated that fraudulent and weak underwriting system breached banking policies that control money flow in the financial market. Many banks did not investigate the ability of their clients to service their loans or meet the collateral requirement. Critics believe that many banks ventured into speculations without considering the moral practices, which guide the banks (Duncan 56). The banks focused on large profits that they could make from this move making their actions prone to risks. The consequence of their actions was inability to meet the results of the dents leading to fall of these banks. The investigative report also indicated that a fall in housing prices influenced the ability of loaners to service their bank loans. This, in turn, influenced the ability of the banks to operate because of large debts owed. Another banking practice, which contributed to the crisis, was the action of the banks to increase their debt burdens (Norton


Name Institution Course Instructor Date Causes of the US Economic Crisis - 2007 to Present Many economists consider the 2007 to date economic crisis as one of the worst economic downturns that US has encountered since the Great Depression. The US financial market suffered recession, financial institutions collapsed, the mortgage market and many other businesses suffered…
Causes of the US Economic Crisis - 2007 to Present
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