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Competiton Between Wawa and Royal Farms - Research Paper Example

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Competition between Wawa Inc. and Royal Farms Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Introduction Food is one of the United States greatest business and export. American fast food stores are on their way to expansion across the globe. Worth noting is the competition among these food stores (Smith, 2007)…
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Competiton Between Wawa and Royal Farms
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Download file to see previous pages This forms a significant part of country’s economic growth. Other industries such as online retailing emerge from the competition. Cleaner production technologies employed by the farms as competitive advantages reduce the country’s expenditure on environmental conservation, inspections, and monitoring. Wawa Inc. and Royal farms are of significance focus in exploring the competition among food stores in the US. Among the things of particular emphasis is the effect of the competition on consumers who get better customer services. Consumer choice is one of the drivers of the competition. The two farms are keen to meet the unique requirements of their markets. Each farm strives to enrich its brand, maintain, and amplify the market share against the strong wave of competition. Wawa Inc. stores started operating in April 16, 1964 in Folsom, Pennsylvania after their opening by Millville Manufacturing Company. The chain operates several stores in various regions around the globe. The history of Wawa Inc. dates back before 1805 when it was an iron foundry. It transformed to textile mills, dairy processing, and now a convenience store. Wawa Inc. offers an assortment of products. Among its products are drinks, milk, and tea. Wawa also provides gasoline. Wawa Inc. currently has over 1.4 million daily costumer transactions in the five states. Royal farms store started operating in 1959 and has its headquarters in Baltimore. Royal farms operate in Delaware and Maryland among others. Royal Farms kitchen serves chicken, western fries, hot and cold subs, sandwiches and wraps, natural juices and clover land milk. Royal Farms runs several stores at Glasgow, Baltimore, Chesapeake, Harrington, and College Park. The farm is soon to open other stores in White Marsh, Milford, Wrightsville, Edgewood, and another in Baltimore. Royal Farms run fleet fuel services where they sell diesel fuel for automobiles. Despite Royal Farms earlier establishment than Wawa Inc. as a convenience store, Wawa Inc. remains the principal contender of Royal farms in the US. The competition amid the two stores brings immense benefits on the agricultural sector of the US financial system. Benefits of the competition to the consumers of their products are outstanding too. Wawa Inc.’s growth Wawa Inc.’s exceptional growth certainly stems from the several moves undertaken by the company. High wage from the population is a significant trend that contributed to the growth of the farm. The two wage earners in a household had amplified the funds available for shopping. Wawa Inc. faced out the mom-and-pop grocery store and the corner gas station as part of its growth. The move contributed immensely to the farm’s magnificent achievement. Consumer demand for immediate consumption coupled with the farm’s technological advancements is notably a boost for the farm. The employees of the farm show a lot of commitment while offering their services to customers, and are determined at providing faster service delivery. The store’s move to include disabled people as part of their personnel saw a win for the farm. Wawa Inc.’s competitive advantage Wawa dairy supply its own milk to Wawa processor. This guarantees steady supply of milk to the farm. Wawa Inc. contributes money for charitable causes thereby showing solidarity with their customers. This offers the farm a platform to endorse itself and its products too. Wawa Inc. extended ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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