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The Federal Reserve System - Term Paper Example

FED as the central bank of the country not only provided emergency support to the Banks and financial institutions but it also initiated different structured programs in order to stimulate the economy and bring back the economic situation under control. Some of the steps taken by FED include reduction of the interest rates, changes in the different targets as well as the process of quantitative easing. These steps were taken in order to ensure that the basic goals and objectives of a central bank are fulfilled. It is also important to understand that FED also undertook some of the unconventional measures also in order to ensure that the economic recovery is quick and stable. This paper will discuss the recent events and actions and relate them to the basic principles of macroeconomics. Reduction in Interest Rates Central Banks can exercise different options in order to intervene in the economy and bring in the desired changes. Two of the most important changes include changes in discount rate and the open market operations. Through open market operations, a central bank actually purchases or sells government securities in order to increase or decrease the liquidity in banking sector. (Krugman and Wells). The overall purpose is to control the flow of credit in the economy according to the overall current situation. Another important step taken is change in the discount rates wherein a central bank reduces the discount rate i.e. the rate at which banks can borrow from central bank. By increasing

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Federal reserve monetary policy
(Functions of Money) If money had not been there all transactions would have to be done through barter system. That is a tedious process on day to day operations. Money also functions as a unit of account measuring the value of goods or services under exchange.
3 pages (750 words)Term Paper
The Federal Reserve System
The role of a central bank in any economy is to manage the monetary policy of the country while ensuring that it manages to achieve broader macroeconomic objectives. One of the key objectives of any central bank is therefore to ensure that inflation within economy remains under control.
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Federal Reserve system
The money supply which consists of the circulating currency and bank deposits needs to be controlled in order to balance the lending and borrowing capacity of the financial institutions. FED uses three tools to control the money supply: changing the reserve requirements, open market operations, and changing the discount rate (Tucker, 2010, pg.408).
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The Federal Reserve Controls the American Economy
The Federal Reserve is the fundamental bank of America initiated in 1913 through the ratification of Federal Reserve Act as a reaction to the financial apprehensions of 1907 (Greider 67). However, the functions of the Federal Reserve have widened over time as the bank develops to meet the tests of organization in the economy.
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The Federal Reserve System
Monetary policy is the actions taken by the central bank to influence the availability and cost of money and credit to assist in promoting national economic goals. The Fed's monetary policy decisions affect the flow of money and credit in the economy. The Federal Reserve System includes the Federal Open Market Committee, the Board of Governors, and the Federal Reserve Bank Presidents.
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How the Federal Reserve System Functions
There is a certain contrast between how the system ought to work (or is expected to work) and how it actually works (with its actual effects on banking systems) in reality. Because the Federal Reserve (which, from here on, shall be referred to as
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Money and the federal reserve system
ample is its mode of activities in the face of the recent global meltdown that not only helped in controlling the crisis but included measures to effectively control any aftermath. The present paper deals with the institution’s monetary policies which from time to time had
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The structure and the role of the Federal Reserve Bank
Federal Reserve System consists of three subgroups, which include 12 Federal Reserve Banks, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, and the Federal Open Market Committee. The 12
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Macroeconomics - power of the federal reserve in monetary policy
?s three key functions are providing and maintaining an efficient and effective payment system, supervising and regulating banking operations throughout the country and developing the country’s monetary policy (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, n.d.). This paper will focus on
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Check processing before check 21 legislation
This legislation is implemented after 9/11, when air transportation was grounded and thousands of Checks could not be cleared. Clearing was dependent after Checks were arrived at the paying banks, and timely delivery was reliant on air carrying. Before
2 pages (500 words)Term Paper
or decreasing the discount rates, central bank actually increases or decreases the interest rates and hence controls the flow of money within economy. The above graph is showing the changes in the FED rate from 1952 to 2009. FED has drastically reduced the rates from 2007 onwards.1 FED reduced the interest levels in the economy to very low levels – almost touching zero at the beginning of the current economic crisis. During 2008, interest rates reduced to 1% and the same were further reduced in order to stimulate the consumption activity. By reducing the interest rates, FED actually attempted to make credit cheaper so that households can borrow money at low rates and consume the same. It is important to understand that FED set the target of keeping the interest rates within the range of 0 to 0.25% in order to provide the necessary stimulus to the economy in terms of increasing the household consumption activity and increase industrial output Quantitative Easing Quantitative easing is another rather unconventional tool used by FED in order to stimulate the economy. Quantitative easing as a monetary policy tool is adapted when traditional methods such as reduction in the interest rates and open market operations fail to yield satisfactory results. (Wesbury and Stein) Under this process, a central bank tends to purchase financial assets from the financial institutions through money which is created electronically. The overall aim is to create an artificial flow of money into the system and increases the excess reserves held by the banks besides increasing prices of the financial assets. By increasing money supply in the economy, FED therefore attempted to remove the concerns for liquidity in the market created as a result of credit crunch. Conclusion Federal Reserve System took two important
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Introduction The current economic situation is considered as one of the worst economic period in the history of United States of America. Starting in the end of 2007, economic downturn has resulted into the decline in GDP level, an increase in the unemployment as well as reduction in the consumer credit due to low consumer confidence and spending…
The Federal Reserve System
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