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Justifying the Increase in Tuition Fees - Research Paper Example

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The paper “Justifying the Increase in Tuition Fees» illuminates an ideal situation would be when students with more outstanding abilities would apply for a more thorough education, being aware that in the future they would be very productive at work and deservedly get a high salary, and vice versa…
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Justifying the Increase in Tuition Fees
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Extract of sample "Justifying the Increase in Tuition Fees"

Download file to see previous pages Spending on education has become a part of the family’s consumption. Parents would save a portion of their incomes for their children’s education. It is because they see a brighter future through education. Education promises a good job in the future. A good job will give a man a better position in his future life.   These were the cases before. Our world now is becoming demanding. It now requires more knowledge and skills for us to continue our existence. This means we need not only to have our basic education but also to enter a university and finish a degree. We have to pay for our education if we want a good paying job after graduation.
The Government has withdrawn its support for undergraduate studies. This may be the result of a shortage in the Government budget not being enough to finance all the spending for its people’s basic education up to higher level. So, the private sector needs to help the government in providing higher education for the people. As a result, annual tuition fees of top universities are expected to increase. Debates may arise as proposals for higher tuition fees enter the scenario.            
In our dynamic economy, the future is always uncertain. We never know what will happen next. We will never know where our decisions will take us. We will never know how other people will react to our actions. So there is always the risk. So in these times when everything seems to go high, from the prices of basic commodities up to tuition fees in universities, we are faced with tough decision making. A lot of questions now are playing on our minds. Will I continue my studies and accept the increase in tuition fees? Will the increase in tuition fees worth my stay at the university as I expect to land a good paying job after I graduate?  Or will I stop studying, leave the university and work instead? Will companies hire me against an applicant who has a degree? To help a school leaver decide under this uncertainty, we have to analyze the expected utility and the cost and benefits of going to the university. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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