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Who Is Emmahdorable - Assignment Example

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"Who Is Emmahdorable?" about the young rising star of online streams. Several activities use live streaming video platforms such as creative content, video games, music, sports competitions as well as in real life-streams, which are used by most of the online hosts for Twitching. …
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Extract of sample "Who Is Emmahdorable"

Download file to see previous pages Due to her activities of Twitching, the American twitch star has gained a large number of followers through streaming audiovisual games. Initially, she started working with a social networking website and micro-blogging known as Tumblr, where she used to post lots of videos and pictures. So, Emmahdorable can be described as a star in Twitching, whereby a twitch is a video streaming platform that mostly focuses on video games. Surprisingly, Emmahdorable is among the few female stars available as a video game streamer. Despite this fact, as has so many followers an indication that she is the best among many other twitch stars. More so, with her interaction with two you-tubers, LeafyisHere and Keemstar, she even became more famous. This is what brought her to the moonlight. Emmahdorable is a young girl who was born in the mid-90s, in Syracuse in the United States of America. Syracuse is a small town in New York City. After a few years, Emmahdorable went to California, where she wanted to advance in what she was doing. With her reasons that she could not say, she kept her personal life, including her educational background and her family private. She prefers that her following should know more about her career that her own life. It was during her young age that she started having more interest in video games. As this interest in the video games developed, it was time for her to introduce the game to other people around her. Her passion made her start as a Tumblr blogger, where she began posting video games for the fans. She continued giving her fans updated information on video games daily. This made her gain more followers from all over the World.  Gaining more followers online, she had a feeling that she was not giving her followers enough of the entertainment and updated information. So, she had an idea and started streaming. With the help of the twitch platform, she was able to post the video to her people. Apart from displaying the videos, she was also able to stream live through the twitch platform. With all these activities online, many people came to know her when her fan base grew.  With the following that she had, she took another huge step of registering with other Twitch websites such as and Hitbox. There, she also gained a considerable number when it comes to her following. Some of her popular video games that people liked were League of Legends, CS: GO, and Overwatch. The Reason Why Emmahdorable was banned from Twitching In February 2016, the Twitch (Emmahdorable) was prohibited from any kind of Twitching. More so, her channel was closed. The reason behind her ban was that Emmahdorable used nude photos and videos. It was even evidenced that she promised one of her followers some nudes if the follower would get her five subs. After posting them, the star got banned from Twitching. After fighting for one year, she came back online to Twitching after the ban removed on her in 2017. When it comes to fame, people have prices that they have to pay, depending on whatever platform they use to gain their popularity. Sometimes, these prices have a bigger effect on the celebrity compared to the intention that was there before. In other situations, these could work for some stars as one will utilize this chance to move up the ladder, depending on the location on the ground. It will help move more steps ahead of the game, and this is what happened with the Twitch. The drama that she was involved in was controversial. Drama Alert is a YouTube show that she was seen fighting for the love of LeafyisHere with Furry. Following the show, people felt that the Twitch was just a lair, and that made them lose faith in her as their star. Other users who used to work with this type of games spread lies about her to an extent telling her followers that they should hate her. She even explained to the show that she is not what they think she is, and she was working hard to make sure that her name was cleared of such accusations. She said that her primary purpose was making people laugh. After that, she can win back the trust that she has with her show.                         ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Who Is Emmahdorable Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words, n.d.)
Who Is Emmahdorable Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words.
(Who Is Emmahdorable Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Who Is Emmahdorable Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Who Is Emmahdorable Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”.
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