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Development, Applications, and Future Trends of Telematics Systems - Assignment Example

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This paper under the title "Development, Applications and Future Trends of Telematics Systems" focuses on the use of telematics can help the operators to manage assets more effectively and to gain a greater understanding of the performance of their transport operations…
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Development, Applications, and Future Trends of Telematics Systems
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Extract of sample "Development, Applications, and Future Trends of Telematics Systems"

Download file to see previous pages This means that they can be used in almost all of the operations. The systems come with distinctive features which enable them to monitor the operations in real time, help the drivers locate the delivery points and avoid the traffic congestions, communicate better with the drivers resulting in an improvement to the operation and better customer service. In this paper, we will focus more on the use of telematics in the lost tracking systems(Maurya, Singh, & Jain, 2005)
Many tracking techniques have been studied and developed in the past few years. The most popular tracking systems include dead reckoning, signpost system, inertial navigation system and GPS. Dr makes use of a magnetic compass together with wheel odometers to determine the route and position of the vehicle. The data that comes from the odometer is input into an old board computer that computes the vehicles location coordinates. The DR systems accuracies are then expressed as the percentage of the distance that is traveled (Maurya, Singh, & Jain, 2005). The ordinary systems usually achieve an accuracy of in the 2.5 range. However, this system has a major error in that it accumulates without the upper limit as the distance that is traveled increases.
Another tracking technology is the signpost, the infrastructure of the signpost system includes the beacons that are placed at the roadside locations and in the vehicle receivers, Each time the vehicle passes near the signpost it gets a signal(Al-Hindawi & Talib, 2012). The signal contains information that is related to the location identity. The vehicle responds by transmitting through the signal along with the owner identity. An in-vehicle receiver is not expensive; however, the roadside post needs more investments since they are expensive(Ejaz, Zeeshan, & Junaid, 2013). The location of the signpost is a major challenge to these systems, this is because it limits the effective area of the AVL, furthermore different areas around the world may adopt different standards of the signpost and the signals, and this makes the cross-boundary tracking more complex. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Development, Applications, and Future Trends of Telematics Systems Assignment)
Development, Applications, and Future Trends of Telematics Systems Assignment.
“Development, Applications, and Future Trends of Telematics Systems Assignment”, n.d.
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