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The author analyzes the article "Enhanced risk analysis and relative impact factorization 1st" and states that this article does not demonstrate a thorough review of literature hence the arguments are invalid. In addition, the model simply tells us what should be done and not how what is to be done should be done…
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Software Risk Identification
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Extract of sample "Software Risk Identification"

Download file to see previous pages It does not demonstrate a thorough review of literature hence the arguments are invalid. In addition, the model simply tells us what should be done and not how what is to be done should be done. This article, unlike the others, does not have any quantitative presentation of data collected, either in form of a pie chart, flowchart or table. In addition, it does not explain how what is to be done should be done. For these reasons, it has distinguished itself as the weakest model brought forth in software risk identification. However, the model has some relevant and appropriate strategies that if improved, can bring about great change in the software risk management sector. This model presents various risk factors and tries to suggest various methods of mitigating the identified risks. This study will therefore critically analyze the risk factors brought forth by this model and the mitigation strategy proposed.
This model claims that the customers are unable to illustrate the entire requirements at the onset of the project. As a result, these requirements continuously originate even during the process of software development. According to the model, this can greatly impact on the life cycle of the software development (Basit & Tanvir 2005). The model, however, fails to explain how this risk factor affects the life cycle of the software development. It proposes various measures of mitigating or avoiding this risk factor. It proposes for considering the disability of mentioning every requirement at the time of proposing that the two parties can arrive into a conclusion in determining the extent to which the project can change after a certain period of time. This strategy does not therefore directly solve the problem of software risk but is rather a precautionary measure to take care of software changes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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