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Cyber Crimes and Security on the Internet - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Cyber Crimes and Security on the Internet" seeks to discuss various issues related to cybersecurity as well as to provide suggestions as to what can be done the curb these critical issues. Moreover, the paper would reveal some aspects of cybercrime commitment in terms of the law…
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Cyber Crimes and Security on the Internet
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Download file to see previous pages Some people tend to abuse the internet in order to commit different types of crimes and this practice is commonly known as cybercrime. This type of type of crime can be attributed to the fact that there is a gap that exists between the social systems that cannot match the rapidly changing technical system such that they can control the flow of information through the use of digital technology. According to Huang & Wang (5), cybercrime can be described as the violation of the law which involves the abuse of information through the use of the internet. There are different cybercrimes that can be committed through the use of the internet and they include the following: computer viruses, unlawful access to computer systems, manipulation of data, theft of information, and fraud. Organizations, as well as individuals, often commit these crimes and they are bent on stealing from unsuspecting members of the society. The following part of the paper will critically discuss each type of cybercrime and its impact on the affected people.
The element of computer viruses is on the rise and this crime is committed by people who have different motives and intentions. Haag, Cummings & Dawkins (187) posit to the effect that a computer virus is a program that is designed with the sole purpose of destroying or manipulating data belonging to different people. The internet is used to send different computer viruses to different machines that are connected to the network. The people who are involved in this kind of crime are so cunning such that the unsuspecting person can just open a certain web page without knowing that it is full of virus. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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