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Privacy, Security and Anoymity in P2P networks for Multimedia Distribution: Challenges and Solutions - Research Paper Example

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This paper conducts a literature survey of the various pertinent studies on the subject with the intention of describing the challenges and solutions that are associated with the P2P networks. Particularly, the study focuses on the technology in the aspect of the security, privacy, and anonymity…
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Privacy, Security and Anoymity in P2P networks for Multimedia Distribution: Challenges and Solutions
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Extract of sample "Privacy, Security and Anoymity in P2P networks for Multimedia Distribution: Challenges and Solutions"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that the P2P networks are becoming popular with the development of efficient network connectivity. Presently, diverse data from various sources is archived and transmitted through these systems. However, besides the increased adoption of the P2P networks, the technology is associated with various concerns. Security, privacy and anonymity in P2P networks are aspects that need critical attention. Studies acknowledge that attacks of P2P’s internal networks have affected the efficiency of the system considerably. According to Dewan & Dasgupta, developers need to identify the gaps in security when using the P2P tools in order to design secure systems. Essentially, one needs to examine the security of the system with respect to connection control, operation and access control, and the mechanisms for protecting the stored data. According to Feldman, the connection and operation mechanisms should assume the first priority because they determine the overall security of P2P systems. From another perspective, anonymity and privacy are the vital traits of the P2P networks because they have the potential of discouraging some insecure actions. However, Traynor argues that some privacy promoting strategies may provide an enabling environment for conducting insecure attacks. Examining the privacy, security, and anonymity of P2P networks is essential in identifying strategic solutions that could enhance the efficiency of the technology. The intricate nature of the P2P networks discourages efforts for developing secure P2P schemes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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