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Conceptual And Logical Database Design - Assignment Example

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The reporter casts light upon the fact that a database entails a component where data is stored. Data basically are blocks of information. Database systems and design focus on the creation and implementation of a database to suit an information system…
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Conceptual And Logical Database Design
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Download file to see previous pages Having viewed these key definitions surround database system, we will apply these principles in the modeling of a database system for our information system. We will model a database that will support a student’s electronic voting system. That will be our business scenario for the study.
The Campus student’s council voting system was initialized as a way of electing the student's representatives. Due to the large numbers of the students, the current manual system calls for a sampling of student’s representatives from every faculty to form an Electoral College. This college would then meet and elect the council members. Thus, the students only participated indirectly in the election process. There is no doubt that this process undermines the whole process of democracy within the student population. This is worsened in cases where aspirants influence the vote of the Electoral College.
In an effort to restore credibility within the election process, we will aim at creating a direct involvement of the whole student population in the election of their leaders. In order to handle the large populations, it, therefore, calls for an electronic voting system. This would not only create transparency but also shorten delays in election conduction period right from voting to polling of results. For an efficient electronic system to exist, it calls for an expertly analyzed database system. It will be the core of this system. For the purpose of this study, we will critically apply the fundamental principles involved in database design and modeling.
A conceptual database design captures how data is modeled. This implies the use of entity relational modeling aspect. This approach will mean deciding the entities that will be part of the system. Linking these entities together and coming up with a suitable schema.
The above entities show a one to one relationship with the Voters_Choice entity. This creates the rule that a student can only have one choice and can select the various candidates once. This confirms the integrity of the whole system ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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