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Proposal On Deca Commissary Sign in Procedure - Assignment Example

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The purpose of this proposal is to introduce an electronic system of a sign in policy to start working. The policy will ensure high security and reduce the honor system. Insecurity has been rampant in the commissary, in which case it has had to endanger the lives of members in the commissary…
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Proposal On Deca Commissary Sign in Procedure
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Download file to see previous pages There will be also an enhancement of recognition as all the people that will be signing in, the system will contain their data, and hence, improve the efficiency and security at Deca commissary (Markel, 2012, p. 184).
The electronic system of signing in to work will promote the professional growth at the Deca commissary. For instance, the system, such as the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System will go a long way in verifying the status of all the people or customers and hence will grant them the access what is in the commissary, such as the promotional prices. This, in essence, will boost the professional growth of the commissary. The system will ensure there is no going against the policy, hence, promoting the professionalism of the commissary. The electronic system will also ensure those entering the commissary ensure they uphold professionalism. Furthermore, the electronic system of signing-in will ensure there is the connectedness of all the departments and employees within the commissary. This is possible by having the data time of each department and employees, and hence, it will be easy to have the data of all employees through electronic means. Therefore, this paper will embark on the problems of the current honor system of signing in and the possible solutions unto them.
There exist several problems of using the current system of signing in, in which case it entails writing downtime in books, especially when writing the time of entering the commissary and time of leaving the commissary. One of the problems that such a system poses is the security threat. Security is remarkably crucial for all the employees that work in the commissary, including the whole of commissary and its properties.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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