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Business and IT Alignment - Research Paper Example

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This paper “Business and IT Alignment” will begin with an analysis as to why business leaders are reluctant to implement the newest technology. The solutions to this reluctance will then be examined, including the need to centralize operations and to ally business leaders with IT professionals…
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Business and IT Alignment
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Download file to see previous pages This is a crucial part of corporate planning and governance. Yet business leaders, by and large, do not give as much thought to IT as is necessary. The reasons for this are myriad – too expensive, too time-consuming, too cumbersome. This paper examines why business leaders give short-shrift to IT concerns, and what must be done to resolve this issue. Also examined will be the specific IT needs that all corporations must implement to be effective, those needs being accessibility and risk management.
Research has shown that companies traditionally have difficulty integrating technology and IT into their business plans. Many Chief Information Officers (CIO) state that the aligning of the business goals with information technology to be their greatest challenge. (Jahnke, 2004, p. 1). There are myriad reasons why, and the Jahnke article encouraged business leaders to sound off on this issue.
One of the reasons why it is difficult to “marry” information technology with business strategy is because executives do not know enough about technology, and rely upon trade magazines and salespeople to inform them of the latest trends. Because of this, they believe that technology such as “ERP, SCM, KM, data mining and a variety of software solutions” are the answer to gaining efficiency and finding new customers. According to one business leader, these programs and technologies often cost more than they benefit and cause a company's paper value to worsen. (Jahnke, 2004, p. 2). Another reason cited is that the alignment of IT with business strategy is just too difficult and nobody wants to hear the truth. (Jahnke, 2004, p. 2). Another article stated that management complaints were that their IT department wasn't responsive to their needs and that they didn't understand why they were spending the money on IT. (Sisco 2004, p. 1).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Business and IT Alignment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words)
Business and IT Alignment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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