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The Usefulness of Remote Procedure Calls - Report Example

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This paper 'The Usefulness of Remote Procedure Calls" focuses on the fact that sockets have been a custom part of the client-server networking up till now, as they provided an easier mechanism for a program to ascertain a link with another program, which could be on a remote or local machine. …
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The Usefulness of Remote Procedure Calls
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Extract of sample "The Usefulness of Remote Procedure Calls"

Download file to see previous pages The process on A can be suspended while the execution continues on B. When B returns, the return value is passed to A and A continues execution. This mechanism was called Remote Procedure Call (RPC). The aim behind devising such a procedure was that it should appear to the programmer that a normal procedure call is occurring. In other words, a remote procedure call (RPC) is a modus operandi that allows a program being executed on one host to cause the same code to be executed on another host without the programmer needing to explicitly code for this.

The building of distributed, client-server based applications have seen a new dimension with RPC. RPC extends the local procedure call so that the called procedure need not exist in the same address space as the calling procedure. The two processes in question can reside anywhere in a network of computers. RPS offers the programmers the allowance to avoid the details of the interface with the network. The transport independence of RPC isolates the application from the physical and logical elements of the data communications mechanism and allows the application to use a variety of transports.

RPC makes the client/server model of computing more powerful and easier to program. When combined with the ONC RPCGEN protocol compiler, clients can easily make remote calls through a local procedure interface.

Obviously, there is no architectural support of any form that can be distinguished for RPC. The method of local procedure call makes use by placing the calling parameters on the stack and then executing a known form of a call instruction to the address of the procedure. The procedure can read the parameters from the stack, do its work, place the return value in a register and then return to the address on top of the stack.

Well, none of these issues exists for RPC. The tools that are present and used up by Local procedure calls and sockets do the entire trick for RPC.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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