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The Triple Play Bundling TV, Internet, and Phone Services - Term Paper Example

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This paper examines the ‘Triple Play’ package offered by several ISPs as well as other internet related companies. This package includes the availability of Cable TV, fast Internet, and phone line through the use of just one cable. The above technology is offered by many firms around the world. …
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The Triple Play Bundling TV, Internet, and Phone Services
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Download file to see previous pages Bar et al. (2000, 490) examined the historical journey of Internet and found that ‘since its emergence about 30 years ago, the internet has undergone constant transformation with three successive generations to be the most important ones: a) from the late 1960s to the early 1990s the "first generation internet was a network and social engineering prototype of interest to military and research organizations; b) from the early 1990s until today the second-generation internet saw the mass adoption and commercialization of narrowband access, largely through dial-up modems providing intermittent, low-bandwidth connections; the internet then took full advantage of equal access to key elements of the telephone network, leveraging the universal coverage of the telephone to provide widespread internet access and c) in 2000 we entered a third phase of the history of the internet, when several users began to experience `always-on- a high-speed access to the internet from their home’. In accordance with the above statements, the development of the Internet has been rapid and significant covering most of the personal and entrepreneurial activities. However, it is rather recently that the Internet started to become a necessary tool for every individual user for the completion of almost every daily tasks particularly those related to the financial transactions and the research sector.
Towards this direction Braun et al. (2001, 90) found that ‘New emerging IP services based on differentiated services and the IP security architecture offer the level of communication support that corporate Internet applications need nowadays; however, these services add an additional degree of complexity to IP networks which will require sophisticated management support; the management of enhanced IP services for their customers is thus an emerging important task.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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