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Department Of Veterans Affairs: Examining eBenefits Portal and Disability Claims Process in Terms of the Dimensions of Technology Acceptance Model and Innovation Diffusion Theory - Research Proposal Example

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This process will be inspected on the basis of the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). The department of Veterans Affairs has recently adopted technological tools…
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Department Of Veterans Affairs: Examining eBenefits Portal and Disability Claims Process in Terms of the Dimensions of Technology Acceptance Model and Innovation Diffusion Theory
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Extract of sample "Department Of Veterans Affairs: Examining eBenefits Portal and Disability Claims Process in Terms of the Dimensions of Technology Acceptance Model and Innovation Diffusion Theory"

Download file to see previous pages One of the major factors is the behavioral intentions of the veterans and employee’s, in terms of using the e-Benefit Portal to submit and receive disability claims (Chen et al., 2011). Thereby, this research will identify different factors, which may influence the behavioral intentions of the veterans of the Department of Veterans Affairs. In this regard, the study will use the TAM.
The TAM gives an idea on why, how, and at what rate new technologies and innovations spread through cultures. There are certain characteristics of innovation, which are believed to influences acceptance of technological innovations (Lin, 2011). These characteristics are usefulness, ease of use, behavioral intention, and attitude towards use (Venkatesh, 2014). To achieve coherent and reliable results, this research will attempt to establish the extent to which these factors may impact or influence the acceptance or adoption of innovations or the e-Benefit portal adoption behavior of veterans at the department of Veteran Affair.
It is significant to note that, this research is intended to build up on TAM by studying its factors, which influence the behavioral intentions of the veterans, in terms of utilizing e-Benefit system in the department. Afterwards, this model will be used to investigate the relationships among the factors of ease of use, usefulness, attitude towards use, and behavioral intention. Additionally, the model will also be used to examine the relationship between the intention of the veterans to use the portal and the usefulness of the e-Benefit systems. Essentially, this research is intended to illustrate the way in which any technological innovation shifts from the stage of invention to its utilization. Particularly, this study has chosen the technology of e-benefit within the Department of Veteran Affair.
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