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Design pattern - Assignment Example

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In this behavioral design pattern, the command abstract class is able to declare the interface that is supported by all the existing concrete commands in the function. In this case, the client is a class moveable that is executed during the startup of the application in order to…
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Design pattern
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Download file to see previous pages These receiver commands are string in nature. In this algorithm, all the commands that will be visible to the user are subclasses to the moveable command abstract class. The three objects which are moveable which include the rook, bishop and the knight are able to be moved to and from the different positions on the board. The codes for each segment of the class are given in the chart above.
This design pattern models a one to many dependency between the objects in the algorithm. This design pattern is creational in nature and connects the state of an observed object the subject with many observing objects and the observers. The square view model is related to the composite class in the algorithm which in turn is related to the color background and the square state of game. The square view model object is able to position the board which is ten passed to the composite class which sets the required state of the square. The color background class sets the background color of the object and finally the square state model of the class is changed as set by the user. The main use for this approach in programming is to ensure that we maintain consistency across the states that appear to be redundant in the code and also optimize the changes so that the consistency necessary is maintained. In this approach to in pattern design, the consistency is maintained using three main variants: The square view model object acts as the publishing notification which then subscribes to both the color background and the composite objects which then push the notification to the subscribing notification for updating.
If we take into consideration a user interface toolkit that is capable of supporting multiple number of applications and controls, the game view object sets up a game on the user interface which then clears the board to create a new game. The new game has two main components sub objects which include the controllers for the object and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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