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Harnessing Information Management, the Data, and Infrastructure - Assignment Example

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Information management in many businesses is the methods through which companies maximize the efficiency of planning, collecting, organizing, controls, stores, use, disseminates and disposes of used information. New technologies like Hadoop, NoSQL, and Oracle Exadata have…
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Harnessing Information Management, the Data, and Infrastructure
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Download file to see previous pages General Electric deals with sale and manufacture of GE’s jet engines, hospital MRI equipment, trains, and turbines. The components require utmost efficiency in their operation which require analysis of a lot of performance and service data that will be analyzed to create better gadgets and machines. Information management is, therefore, crucial to GE in that:
It reduces operation cost that require constant processing of information. A good management of information will ensure that all the departments like manufacturing and sales departments get already processed information in real, and this reduces overall cost.It ensures that a lot of information is gotten from the same data source.It will reduce conflicting information requirements for either the management, production of the marketing departments since they might require the same data in their daily processes.
Information management also ensures data security due the access controls and authorization levels created. Access controls can be implemented by giving particular people only write or read capabilities to the database with database administrators being given all the privileges.
Information management will ensure that there are flexibility and responsiveness of information. It is required that all GE departments and branches all over the world have instant access to information in their databases. Instant access of information is achieved through effective management of data and processed information.
New Information Technologies come up to replace existing ones with the hope of improving performance. GE Electric is a big swing company that has invested in new IT architectures to improve its performance. GE has invested heavily in technologies like cloud deployment and implementation of digital sensors in their devices (General Electric, 2015). Cloud has enabled a lot of data or processed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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