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The following assignment under the title "Methods of Navigation in SAP" dwells on the method of navigation in SAP which involves two methods namely Windows interface navigation also known as Win GUI and the Web interface navigation also known as Web GUI…
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SAP Project
Part I
The Methods of Navigation in SAP and the Primary Method of Navigation
The method of navigation in SAP involves two methods namely Windows interface navigation also known as Win GUI and the Web interface navigation also known as Web GUI. Some transaction will only be accessible through the Win GUI while other will only be accessible from the Web GUI. Therefore, the primary method of navigation is the Win GUI.
The Use of “Dataset / User Id” Number As A Prefix for All Our Work Documents and Overcoming the Problem in A Manual System
The use of dataset or user ID as a prefix for all work documents helps provide a formula of retrieving the documents whenever they are needed. This create a timely and accurate document recovery. The same problem can be overcome in a manual system within a company by using an indexed file to keep the documents.
The Meaning of “Create with Reference” Mean When Creating Sale Order, It’s Difference from SUA and Is This Beneficial
It means that each order must be identified with a specific reference number that acts as an identification number for the transactions. It is different from a manual system in that the manual system such as SUA does not require creation of reference alongside any sale order. Moreover, the manual system such as SUA does not rely on any specific order of making sales order. This format is beneficial to the company since it facilitates faster retrieval of information and reduces the time spent in searching for sales order in case of high volume of transactions. In addition, the method helps link a sales order to various financial and administrative functions like customers and suppliers in the company (Cleveland 45).
The use Document Flow screen
The document flow screen is used to indicate the movement of documents within and organization. It helps indicate the real time location of a document within an organization thus reducing the complexity of sorting and storing documents.
The Fate Of “post goods issue” on creating an invoice from accounting perspective?
from accounting perspective, post goods issue are any matter relating to goods after the transaction has been closed up. In addition, the accounting perspective states that when such matter arise it must be recorded as a bad debt when creating an invoice.
Options Provided By SAP Provide For Establishing Credit Checks
SAP gives an alternative of providing credit checks through screen features that links credits to the due dates that have been set up by the organization. Moreover, the SAP provides for counter referencing to enable create a track on the credits due dates.
How SAP Relate Transactions to G/L Accounts
Through an integrated financial and administrative functions of an organization, a SAP is capable of relating wide variety of transactions to the general ledger accounts. This is done by linking the transactions to the general ledger in the transaction screen.
Cost Centers, Their Use and Examples in a Manufacturing Group
Cost centers are the places through which costs relating to a business activity is apportioned and allocated depending of the contribution of such cost. It is a segment within a company that accumulates costs and the responsibility of keeping records of such cost given to the head of that segment. A manufacturing group will have production, marketing and research, finance, supply chain and HR cost centers
Part II SAP Reflection
Advantage of SAP
The advantages of using an integrated ERP system such as SAP is the ability to integrate all functions of an organization together thus facilitating easy coordination. It will enable an organization keep track of all activities in the organization thus putting more control to all resources and business of the organization
Disadvantage of SAP
The disadvantage regarding accounting data of using integrated ERP system such as SAP is that in case of failure, the whole organization comes to a standstill thus stopping al activities of the organization. In addition, the system is prone to delay due to technicalities since a lot of resources is require to sept up the needed infrastructure.

Work Cited
Technology Update. Cleveland, Ohio: Predicasts, 2013. Print. Read More
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