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CIS 375 Week 2 Assingment - Assignment Example

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All computing tasks were centered on the mouse, keyboard and other devices for input into the computer. However, over the last decade the conventional mouse driven…
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CIS 375 Week 2 Assingment
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Download file to see previous pages The section below provides a comparison between the metaphors used in the two interfaces.
Metaphors are a basis for the interaction and communication between the user and the computer. According to Carroll, Mack, & Kellogg (2007), applications utilizing menu driven screen have metaphors such as mouse pointers and cursors to indicate the motion of the mouse on the screen. This metaphor has been replaced all together on the multi-touch screen interface. The mouse driven interfaces are operated by dragging the cursor on the screen and effecting commands by clicking. Underling concepts of the application are presented in form of icons for a user to understand. Both the mouse driven and multi-touch screens use icons to represent underlying application concepts (Carroll et al, 2007). For instance the recycle bin is used to represent deleted items.
Mouse driven screen interface uses the desktop metaphor which is a unifying concept that helps users to easily use a computer. The desktop metaphor treats the computer monitor as the user’s interaction point. Here, objects such as documents, files, folders and other accessories are placed. On the other hand the multi-touch screens use the home metaphor where all applications can be accessed by the user. In other applications that use both the mouse driven and multi touch screens both the home screen and the desktop metaphors can be used (Carroll et al, 2007).
Multi-touch screens allow moving layered views to allow the user to view content beneath them; the screen also uses swiping as a way of viewing different windows. Additionally, the interface uses the dragging, flicking and swiping objects on the screen. This is common when playing games and performing other basic tasks (Carroll et al, 2007). The mouse driven screen will perform this tasks using the minimizing and maximizing option on the window. This interface also utilizes the dragging metaphor for movement of objects on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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