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Information management security frameworks are developed founded on a structured set of independent recommendations, processes as well as practices predominantly from the Information Security Management System Standard (ISO 27001). The framework seeks to make sure that…
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Information security management framework
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Download file to see previous pages Frameworks are based on existing standards that have been accepted as well as guidelines and sets of practices that reflect the conduct of an initial community of organizations that perform highly(Hřebíček, Schimak&Denzer, 2011). Governments along with business organizations have an ability to implement frameworks with the practices they prefer or are supposed to use for their market sectors and the entire country.
Some of the benefits of possessing frameworks for information security management include the fact that they create a secure and well-arranged working environment while at the same time protecting information and information assets. Having frameworks for information security management also assists in the reduction of internal and external breaches in security, creating confidence among the employees and customers when dealing with the operations of the business and integrating recovery from disasters in order to ensure continuity of the business(Gantz&Philpott, 2013). Further benefits include prevention of information security incidences from taking place and detection of incidences from occurring. In the event that incidences take place, the frameworks for information security management are able to measure the impact of the incidences and respond to them in order to minimize the resulting damage. Additionally, they are able to embed continuous improvement in processes associated with information security while complying with rules and regulations.
Information security frameworks are a sequence of standard procedures that are employed in defining policies and processes associated with the execution and continuous running of information security controls in an venture setting. The frameworks are essentially a plan for the creation of an information security plan with the aim of managing risks and reducing any vulnerability. Professionals in information security can employ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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