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Policies and Procedures to Manage the Release of PHI - Research Paper Example

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Healthcare Administrative have the obligation to implement procedures that will guide them to account for the approval of the release of patients information. Patients should feel free to share their personal information in order to get quality medical attention. Health care…
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Policies and Procedures to Manage the Release of PHI
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Download file to see previous pages Mobile phone and other related technology, retrieve personal health information for patients. Rapid exchange of vital medical information helps to quality delivery of medical aid to individuals (Kelly, Vottero & Christie-McAuliffe, 2014). On the contrary, there is a risk of unwanted access to privacy of medical information.
It is important that health institutions have policies procedure to guide the process of revealing the medical information of individuals. Agency should implement an information management system to assist in managing health records. There would be effective quality control of health information. Proper health information management harmonizes the differences in law governing the release of medical information. Management of health information is one of the ways to regulate the release of medical information for patients (Kelly, Vottero & Christie-McAuliffe, 2014).
The release of health information is an important topic because it dictates the quality of medical delivery. The state laws conflict and there are some states that have different rules governing the release of medical information. There is no uniformity in the state laws governing the protection of a patients medical information. There is varying degree of seriousness in handling the release of medical information for patients. Some states require patient permission to publish his or her personal information. On the contrary, some states do not have significant restrictions in releasing medical information to individuals.
It is important to have install management systems that will ensure that there is protection of health information of patients. Installation of better management systems provides tracking of patients information. It is an important component in the implementation of a health care policy. The management should manage patients information in the hospital, and teams ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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