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CIS 210 week 6 3: Input Controls - Assignment Example

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Input controls are tools commonly used in graphical user interfaces to constrain the user-fed values in order to fulfill the validation and data integrity rules that pertain to a given database-driven application. According to Shelly & Rosenblatt (2012), flexible input controls…
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CIS 210 week 6 Assignment 3: Input Controls
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Download file to see previous pages Often times, the text fields allow single-line texts for systems requiring single lines of inputs, and multi-line text fields in case of systems requiring more than a single line of input.
Drop down lists are graphic control elements that allow end-users to select an individual value from a given list. When inactive, this type of list will display an individual value. If activated, the list drops down a set of values.
Human mistakes plus naivety forms part of the reasons behind data integrity errors that arise in applications (Shneiderman & Plaisant, 2010). Often times, the human mistakes are manifest during data collection. It is in this light that user interfaces are mostly equipped with the input controls in order to reduce data entry errors. Here to discuss are ways in which the absence of each of the aforementioned input controls can lead to data integrity errors.
Use of text fields is an input approach that captures details that are unique to end-users like mail address and credit card numbers. Any user who notices the absence of a text field in a system that requires more personalized information like credit card numbers and mail addresses is likely to get frustrated or spend a significant time trying to figure out any better way through which he/she could supply the personalized information. In either case, accuracy will be unlikely thus increasing the chances of errors in the integrity of the data supporting the application in question.
Absence of a CANCEL button on a user interface can limit the ability of the end-users to recover from mistakes that they could make while feeding information. Consequently, the back end database system can end up storing inaccurate data.
Values featured in drop down lists are in most cases defined as per the business rules that govern the database integrity checks. As such, their absence limits an applications ability to permit values within the business ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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CIS 210 Week 6 Assignment 3: Input Controls Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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