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A. DFS affords organizations many benefits including fostering data migration, enhancing availability of file server data, and security integration. Since DFS has replication capability, it can server important role in recovery after an incident (Morimoto et al., 2006).
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CIS 312 4.5.6 question
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Computer Science and Information Technology DFS, Files, Directories. Share Q1. A. DFS affords organizations many benefits including fostering data migration, enhancing availability of file server data, and security integration. Since DFS has replication capability, it can server important role in recovery after an incident (Morimoto et al., 2006).
B. The benefits of DFS technologies to organizations include server consolidation from older servers into fewer but larger more robust file servers, improved data availability, ability to use publishing applications, and DFS availability (Morimoto et al., 2006). DFS enables automatic system recovery after unanticipated stoppage or power loss.
Q2. A. Assigning permissions to user groups as opposed to assigning permissions to user accounts is a an important best practice for shared resources in a Windows environment because it simplifies the management of shared resources. It also allows the administrator to add or remove new users without amending or reassigning permissions and assigning restrictive permissions to allow users to perform only the required tasks
B. Organizing shared applications in a single shared folder to simplify administrative functions due to the existence of one location for upgrading or installing software and avoiding explicit denial of shared resources
Distributed Software Architecture
Q1. A. The chosen design and function is a stateful operation with uniform namespace and UNIX semantic, which enables clients to use the same access file path and to enable visibility in terms of noting changes to files. This design and function can work with enhancements in non-distributed systems to achieve transparent access to files.
B. The chosen design is uniform name space, stateless operation and session semantics, which allows granularity consistency and the client can send server requests described as self-containing. This design may not work in a non-distributed architecture due to because it is based on the simple recovery as a design goal.
Q2. A. The two main benefits of cloud computing are reduced IT costs and scalability because cloud eliminates system upgrades and reduces operating costs. One challenge that an organization could face when implementing an existing in-house application into cloud is the problem of user lack of trust in privacy and data security. Concerns arise when mission critical applications and sensitive data moves to a cloud paradigm.
B. The two main benefits of cloud computing to organizations are business continuity achieved through enhanced data protection, and collaboration efficiency. An important challenge of moving in-house applications to cloud environment is organizational inertia or cultural resistance that arises due to concerns about changing how they work.
Windows Utilities
Q1. A. Windows features various in-built administrative utilities such as component services tool, which is found of the administrative tools folder, and allows users to configure COM applications. Another utility is the computer management that provides an interface for viewing and managing PC groups and shared folder.
B. Native utilities in Windows include event viewer used to display event log, which is useful in helping users to identify problems by looking for error messages. Disk cleanup is another Windows utility that allows users to scan the system for unnecessary files and updates among other types of junk
Q2. A. The primary benefits of using PsTools suite is the high performance from the command line. One tool in Ps is PsUptime, which shows how long the system has operated since the last reboot process.
B. PsTools Suite allows users to manage both local and remote systems. An example is the PsList tool, which allows administrators to view information on running processes
Morimoto, R. Noel, M. & Lewis, A. (2006). Microsoft Windows Server 2003: Unleashed. Sams Publishing. Read More
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