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Working in the internet and the spreading of the IT technologies can bring many risks to the data which firm of enterprise possess and in many cases, other companies can hire attackers to copy some confidential information regarding the plans of the company’s development or to…
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Computer virus
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IT Security Considering the Enterprise Benefits affiliation IT Security Considering the Enterprise Benefits Working in the internet and the spreading of the IT technologies can bring many risks to the data which firm of enterprise possess and in many cases, other companies can hire attackers to copy some confidential information regarding the plans of the company’s development or to undermine company’s activity (Whitman). To achieve these targets attackers can use online attack on the main resource if we deal with the web shop, internet enterprise. If we work with the company that has access to the internet and work with it very often we should underline infecting the computer with viruses or backdoors, special malicious application which allow attacker to take control over the infected computer and maintain any action attacker want. It can include copying of the information, stealing of the passwords, formatting of the hard drives with the valuable information and damaging of the website or the information regarding the company’s activity(Ciampa, 2012). Considering the high level of the defense hackers can physically implant the virus to the computer and it can cause to all effects described above. Motivating factor to attack the computer can be both personal gain (fulfilling the order produced by the company-competitor) and the undermining of the company’s competitors systems to have some benefits during the drop of the company’s activity (Singer). There are four purposes of the attacking the company’s IT infrastructure:
1. Take some confidential information from the victim computer.
2. Disable some peculiar systems of the company’s infrastructure.
3. To integrate malicious software to spy or to take control over the company’s computers.
4. To damage the IT infrastructure of the company.
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