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For compliance of E.U data policy a company has to encourage confidentiality by avoiding anonymous reporting. also the information distributed…
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Telephone Telephone This involves the necessary precaution and procedures of European Union, which includes privacy, confidentiality, and professionalism. For compliance of E.U data policy a company has to encourage confidentiality by avoiding anonymous reporting. also the information distributed should be clear and of highest level of secrecy (Croft, 2001). This protect the information from leaking to wrong hands, it ensures company data and information are encrypted to avoid leakage.
Inaccurate and Inappropriate complaints should be eliminated at first stage to evade being distributed. Especially, unidentified information received should be treated with a lot of care even though it might be discouraging material. A plan should be developed to help first decision makers in performing on their judgments (Croft, 2001). Also workers assigned to find out should have the knowhow on how to be secretive with the information.
In addition, sources from which the information is to be collected should be given notice: subjects whose data is being collected should be become aware of such collection. This is to certify that the source was willing to share the collected information without being forced, pressed or intimidated (Croft, 2001). Data collected should also be used for the intended purpose only
Also personal data should not be given out to the third parties without notifying the source, this would lead to terminating the information on the basis of secrecy. The data collected from conversation should be kept as agreed on by the source (Croft, 2001). This enhances confidentiality of the information.
Finally, the information collected should be kept secured from abuse, loss or theft. This could lead to failure of prime purpose why data was collected. Information should be kept of bound from suspicious people to maintain its validity (Croft, 2001). Security should therefore be the taken with seriousness to avoid any information from sipping to irrelevant people.
Croft, D. (2001). International Law: Being the Collected Papers of Hersch Lauterpacht, Volume 1. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Read More
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