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Description of a data data warehouse - Assignment Example

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This is due to the fact that a data warehouse will provide data from different sources, therefore managers and executives will no longer need to make business decisions based on limited…
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Description of a data data warehouse
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Download file to see previous pages Data from different sources are converted into a common format in the data warehouse, therefore, each department will produce results that are in line with all the others.
Furthermore, a data warehouse will be of great importance during data recovery. If a disaster occurs in the transactional database, it will be easy to restore all data, all if not all, that which is of importance, to the transactional database from the warehouse.
This table is used to store information about different tables from the dimensions table, which include: CustomerKey, SupplierKey, DateKey, ProductKey, OrderID, Required_DateKey, UnitsOnOrder, ProductPrice, Shipped_DateKey, Quantity, TotalPrice, ShipperCompany, ShipperPhone, InsertAuditKey and UpdateAuditKey.
The table contains key values of different dimensions tables. ProductKey, SupplierKey, DateKey, UnitPrice, UnitsInStock, UnitsOnOrder, ReorderLevel, UnitsSold, InsertAuditKey, UpdateAuditKey. The Product, Supplier, and Date keys are surrogate keys in the FactInvetory table. The InsertAuditKey and the UpdateAuditKey are foreign keys from the FactOrder table.
The table contains information about keys, the SK_EmployeeKey, SK_TerritoryKey, and the SK_DateKey. All these are surrogate keys referencing EmployeeKey TerritoryKey and DateKey from different dimensions table.
The table has CustomerKey as the surrogate key for the table, CustomerID as the business key. Other customer information stored in this table include: FirstName, LastName, TitleOfCourtesy, CompanyName, Address, City, Region, PostalCode, PostalCountry, Phone, Fax, Description, IsCurrent, EffectiveStartDate, AffectiveEndDate, InsertAuditKey, UpdateAuditKey.
The other employee information stored in the dimension employee table include: LastName, FirstName, Title, TitleOfCourtesy, BirthDate, HireDate, Address, City, Region PostalCode, Country, HomePhone, Extenision, Notes.
Other information stored in this table include: Day, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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