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This entails the business benefits, their respective costs and impacts along with calculations of the financial case.
3. In the article written by Narges Shahsavarani and and Ji Shaobo…
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Information Systems Service Management (final exam sheet )
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Download file to see previous pages -Service Portfolio Management refers to the process applied in assembling the initial service design package for every service along with its maintenance details throughout the service life cycle. On the other hand, Service Catalog management refers to the process of consistent documentation of information regarding all the services agreed to all authorized users or persons.
This process begins by conceptual approval, which is used to build a service based on the set of approved design requirements. It is then followed by a plan for the release. The plan entails establishment of the fight group of people, products, process and performance. The third stage in this process is to build the Release based on the design and plan requirements. Test stage then follows. Test involves examining the Release to determine if it meets the targeted Design and Plan requirements. Based on the attestations that all the requirements have been satisfied the Approve stage is initiated. This approves the promotion of the service to production. The Deploy stage then takes place on the basis of the agreed schedule. Lastly, it is a review and close of the Release if successful.
The business value of Service Transition is that it improves the quality of the process applied in implementation of a change. This is through ensuring that the targeted changes go hand in hand with the predefined business ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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