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In a world where there are more security threats to information, there is an increased need for investment into and implementation of security controls in an organization. Having in place appropriate security controls can be of great benefit to the assets and operations of an…
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Project #3: Sample Cyber Security Profile (System Security Plan):
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Download file to see previous pages My organization seeks to boost the security of its information system from hackers and other potential threats from both within and outside the organization. My organization is a telecommunication company, providing mobile and data services. The amount of personal information that passes through our systems every day is enormous. Many distributed systems spread across the many departments in our company depend on the mobile phone network in many ways. This forces the organization to constantly refresh the information security systems every often to ensure that the system is not compromised (Humphreys, 2008). This paper shall discuss the system that my organization has settled upon, highlighting all its features and how this new security plan will ensure that the organization does not lose or have data distorted from an invasion or crushing of the system.
The security system that our organization decides to implement should be able to support the amount of data passed through it every day, while at the same time protecting all the information in it from access by unauthorized persons. To that effect, the organization funded research into the most appropriate information security system, with all the desirable security features. In order to assess the level of vulnerability of the system, the organization selected the most suitable system. The selected system is the RA-5. The RA-5 belongs to the family of Risk Assessment and is under the class of Management (Tiller, 2006).
In recognition of the fact that the security categorization plays a major role in guiding the comprehensiveness and frequency of the scans for vulnerability, we categorized the security system as being of high priority (Kim & Solomon, 2012).
The type of information system is management information system. This is because the information within the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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