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Walmart is a chain of stores and work as an American multinational organization.Walmart manages department and warehouse stores in a number of places throughout the world. The company is the biggest public corporation in the world and situates standards for business…
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Distributed Databases/Very Large Databases
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Distributed Databases/Very Large Databases Walmart is a chain of stores and work as an American multinational organization.Walmart manages departmentand warehouse stores in a number of places throughout the world. The company is the biggest public corporation in the world and situates standards for business process.
Brief company background and business need for the database
Walmart Company was established by Sam Walton in the year of 1962. The company achieved efficiency and high growth in the business world. The company deals with a large number of items and accessories in multiple cities and countries. The management procedure of Walmart in terms of commodities, locations, employees and all other services and benefits they use the database. Especially distributed database, and it is very large database to handle such a huge type of business. Like many other multinational businesses,Walmart is also maintaining their standard for services throughout the business world. This standard is possible to achieve by the use of effective and efficient databases (Singh, 2013).
Relational Database Management System for data storage
Walmart is the largest company of departments and warehouses across different locations in the world, so it must have the largest database for storage. The whole process of handling and management is performed through the RDBMS (Relational Database Management System). The concept of warehouse is being used for the Walmart Company. Large database of Walmartprovides sales reports, analysis reports, queries from multi-perspective and many other tools that are highly useful (Stair and Reynolds, 2013).
The computerized searching is always performed from the database. All Walmart data about products, employees are maintained in a single database, which is accessed according to need of management teams and individuals. The more success achieved by Walmart is due to its strong large type of distributed database and other business tools, which are used for data storage. The price management is also performed through the database. The large distributed database is being worked for Walmart and all sales, purchase process is performed through it (Singh, 2013).
A database Bentonville works for Walmart that manages the huge system of chain stores. The company uses universal codes for their products. A satellite system is being used for the Walmart services management that indicates the whole network for prediction of resources demanded and for other sale purchase services (Traub, 2012).
Details on the techniques being used to manage existing data and growing amounts of data 
The database management can provide opportunities for decision making about the business.The high level of database is used for Walmart due to the large business. The company required large database to store huge amount of data regarding products. Moreover, the Walmartdatabase is designed in such a way that it can manage efficiently and organize the processing of company, improves the decision-making process, generate efficient reporting and analysis (McGee, 2008).
HP’s Neoview technology is being used at Walmart for the management of data warehouse. All the hardware, software and other essential services are integrated through the technology. It includes the very latest and advanced business features that are helpful for Walmart. TheWalmart dashboard is getting updated from the database working in the background (Traub, 2012).
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Research and Innovation, Vol 2, 44-48.
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Traub, T. (2012). Wal-Mart Used Technology to Become Supply Chain Leader. Retrieved from Accessed on 16/08/2014. Read More
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