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Cyber competition is where individuals compete through the internet and results are instantly shown and ranked. Most are timed to ensure the learner is cautious of the time factor. Some have trained…
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Week one CYB 634
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Cyber Competition Date
Cyber Competition
Cyber competition has become a normal daily phenomenon of the education system. Cyber competition is where individuals compete through the internet and results are instantly shown and ranked. Most are timed to ensure the learner is cautious of the time factor. Some have trained professionals who personal check result where others are automated programs that mark and grade students results.
Cyber competition provides a forum where learners can test themselves, even before the real exam by taking online exams, hence, making it good value to them. However, it is subject to cheating where some may cheat their way through so that they can win prizes or ranked top. This causes unfairness to participants. This can be, however, managed through proper competition rules and ethics so as to make it of value to participate. Valuable competition should include the following: fairness in that everyone is treated the same and those who win should win fairly. Any educational competition should add knowledge to learners and also test the right question of a particular level of education. Transparency is key to any competition where grading and procedure for marking are known and used in the marking process.
Transparency calls for check and balance where the result should be reviewed and independent external examiner to ascertain their correctness. There should also be a way to detect cheating and a punishment proposed to it. So as to deter those who are conspiring to cheat on the tests. Cyber competition should include the following event, post analysis tests this where those who have undergone a particular test can be evaluated after some time, e.g. two years to determine if their skills are up to date with current market demand so as to give them a chance of retraining.
Clark, E. E. (2010). Cyber law in Australia. Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands: Kluwer
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