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-Firstly, the database management approach allows users to store a lot of information in one coherent component compared to the file processing approach where information is stored in many small files. For example, a database management system for employees in an organization…
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Module review questions
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Module review questions Discuss the advantages of a database management approach to the file processing approach? Giveexamples to illustrate your answer.
-Firstly, the database management approach allows users to store a lot of information in one coherent component compared to the file processing approach where information is stored in many small files. For example, a database management system for employees in an organization provides room for all employee data to be stored in a single well-designed database system. On the other hand, the file processing approach leads to creation of different files for each employee (Panneerselvam, 2003).
-The database management approach is also advantageous in that it provides an easy and well-organized platform for storage and retrieval of data. Contrastingly, the file processing approach displaces user information into a set of different files. Consequently, this makes retrieval of information very hard and time consuming. For example, a banking system stores customer account data into a well-defined database management system with an integrated application for data retrieval. Conversely, the file processing approach separates customer data into different files and has no specific application for data retrieval. Hence, it becomes hard to locate a particular file using the file processing approach (Panneerselvam, 2003).
-The database management approach also allows users to edit and change file details while the file processing approach does not. For example, a database management system provides a predefined set of commands for editing data. However, on application such as spreadsheet one is unable to make data editing using file processing approach (Panneerselvam, 2003).
-The database management approach is also advantageous in the configuration of access privileges. That is, it has better data security compared to the file processing approach. For example, in this approach top managers and database administrator can have access to almost all resources while junior employees and other workers have only specific data access. Contrastingly, in the file processing approach, all the users have the same level of data access or control (Panneerselvam, 2003).
2. Outline the benefits and limitations of the relational database model for business applications today?
It provides a quality platform to avoid duplication of data (Panneerselvam, 2003).
It is easy to configure and implement data access privileges or data security
It provides an excellent mechanism to avoid inconsistent records of data
It makes it easy for an authorized user change data or data format (Panneerselvam, 2003). 
It is always very slow particularly in the processing of large data volumes.
Lacks efficiency in the response to queries in a large number of data tables leading to slow extraction of data (Panneerselvam, 2003)
3. How will wireless information appliances and services affect the business use of the Internet and the Web? Explain.
It is vital to acknowledge that wireless information appliances and services will have great effect on business use of internet and web. This is particularly by virtualization of business operations to promote doing business anywhere and at any preferred time.
Business people along with their customers, will own a significant number of wireless devices such as tablets, smartphones, wireless pocket PCs among others. Consequently, this will allow all time access to the internet and web thus promoting (twenty four-seven) 24/7 business activities (Stair & Reynolds, 2012). Additionally, the appliances will enhance the use of the internet and web through electronic commerce and e business. It will also play a huge role for improvisation of marketing strategies by businesses. That is, it will promote better access to customers thus increase business-marketing base. Consequently, businesses will be enjoying increase in sales. Lastly but certainly not the least, the appliances will play a huge role in promoting the competitive advantage of most businesses by making them accessible to large number of global customers (Stair & Reynolds, 2012).
4. What are some of the business benefits and management challenges of client/server networks? Network computing? Peer-to-peer networks?
Business benefits
It is very cheap to implement in a business
It facilitates easy downsizing of the business areas of operations
Deployment of the network is always easy to implement
Management challenges
A simple crash of the business servers leads freezing of the whole system (Stair & Reynolds, 2012).
It is hard to manage particularly in large organizations
It is very difficult and costly to upgrade
Network Computing
Business benefits
It is easy to manage.
It is cheap to implement (Stair & Reynolds, 2012).
It emphasizes on the networking of business information resources, thus promoting efficiency in the execution of business operations.
Management challenges
It is always has great chances for vulnerability and data leakage
It is complex and hard to comprehend whole business system (Stair & Reynolds, 2012).
Peer to Peer
Business benefits
Provides a powerful platform for integration of business applications
Promotes electronic commerce and electronic business thus increasing sales (Stair & Reynolds, 2012)
Management challenges
It is very expensive to implement
Requires a complex installation structure or pattern
It is hard to implement in small organizations. That is, it is suitable for large organizations only (Stair & Reynolds, 2012).
OBrien, J & Marakas, G. (2006). Management Information Systems. Irwin Professional Pub.
Panneerselvam, R. (2003). Database management systems. New Delhi: Prentice-Hall of India.
Stair, R & Reynolds, G. (2012). Principles of information systems. Australia: Course Technology Cengage Learning. Read More
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