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The author of this paper entitled "Physical Design" casts light on the concept of physical design. It is mentioned here that this coursework involves the review of diagram for the database to ensure that the design is normalized and complete…
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Physical Design
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Physical Design Introduction This is a work project that involves designing and translating data into an actual database. It involves review of diagram for the database to ensure that the design is normalized and complete (Bambara & Allen, 1999). Creation of database in SQL Server and tables in the new database, selecting appropriate data types for the columns, setting a primary key for each table, and setting allow nulls as appropriate also create a database diagram and relationships among tables (Dewson, 2012). Finally, provide some sample data to each table.
Review Design

Review of diagram for the database

Creating database in SQL Server
USE [Master]
(NAME = N'Lease', FILENAME = N'\\FSA\SQLDB\lease.mdf’,
(NAME = N'Lease_log', FILENAME = N'\\FSA\SQLDB\lease_log.ldf’,
Creating Tables
CREATE TABLE dbo. Lease Agreement
Lease_ID int, Primary Key,
Lease_Start_Date DATE, Not Null,
Lease_End_Date DATE, Not Null,
Deposit DECIMAL (15, 2),
Rent_Amount DECIMAL (15, 2),
Late_Fees DECIMAL (15, 2),
Apartment_ID int, Foreign Key,
Tenant_ID int, Foreign Key,

CREATE TABLE dbo. Building
Building_ID int, Primary Key,
Plot_No VARCHAR (255),
Building_Status VARCHAR (255), Not Null
Building_Name VARCHAR (255), Not Null
Bulding_Address VARCHAR (255), Not Null
Lease_ID int, Foreign Key

CREATE TABLE dbo.Manager
Manager_ID int, Primary Key
Manager_LastName VARCHAR (255), Not Null
Manager_FirstName VARCHAR (255), Not Null
Building_ID int, Foreign Key
Manager_qualification VARCHAR (255), Not Null
Manager_Expertise VARCHAR (255), Not Null


CREATE TABLE dbo. Tenant
Tenant_ID int, Primary Key
Tenant_LastName VARCHAR (255),
Tenant_FirstName VARCHAR (255),
Tenant_Email_Address VARCHAR (255),

Rent_ID int, Primary Key
RentAmount DECIMAL (15, 2),
RentDueDate DATE,
Lease_ID int, Foreign Key

CREATE TABLE dbo. Maintenance and Repair
Maintenance_Request_ID int, Primary Key
Date DATE,
Description VARCHAR (255),
Cost DECIMAL (15, 2),
Resolution VARCHAR (255),
Resolution Date DATE,
Tenant_ID int, Foreign Key

CREATE TABLE dbo. Expense Type
Expenses_Type_ID int, Primary Key
Repair VARCHAR (255),
Maintenance VARCHAR (255),
Utilities VARCHAR (255),
Apartment Cleaning VARCHAR (255),
Insurance VARCHAR (255),
CREATE TABLE dbo. Expenses
Expense_ID int, Primary Key
Cost DECIMAL (15, 2),
Expense Management VARCHAR (255),
Expense_Type_ID int,
The design has been implemented by SQL Server 12 to create database and tables. The design shows knowledge acquired during coursework. The project involved designing and translating data into an actual database. Running the database and SQL tables will give proper results that comply with project’s objective.
Bambara, J. J., & Allen, P. R. (1999). SQL Server reference. Indianapolis, Ind: New Riders.
Dewson, R. (2012). Beginning SQL Server 2012 for developers. New York: Apress.
Powell, G. (2006). Beginning database design. Indianapolis, Ind: Wiley. Read More
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