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Sometime there is a requirement to enhance edit previously exposed images; Adobe Photoshop CC is an industry standard to accomplish all such editing in a professional and user friendly…
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Multimedia assignment
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Multimedia Design & Development # A Adobe Photoshop is used to “enhance, retouch and manipulate photographs and other images”. Sometime there is a requirement to enhance edit previously exposed images; Adobe Photoshop CC is an industry standard to accomplish all such editing in a professional and user friendly manner.
# B
Adobe Premiere is video edit software. It provides a Non Linear Editing facility of video meaning thereby user can edit any part of the video without need to go through unnecessary details. The latest version of the software is known to be Adobe Premiere Pro which is widely used by broadcasting agencies all over the globe.
# C
Adobe Soundbooth is audio editing software. The user can create and edit multiple tasks in the program to edit an audio track. The software was not very popular due to its complex interface and usability. The software releases were stopped in 2011 and Adobe Audition has replaced it.
# D
Adobe Flash is animation software. User can use this software to animate text, still images and graphics designed on other software programs. Adobe Flash is commonly used in web advertisement, games etc.
# E
Autodesk Maya is platform to create animated 3D videos. It can also be used to create powerful animation, modeling and simulated videos. Companies are using Maya to create animated films, simulated videos for schools and other professional environment and games etc.
# F
I think Autodesk Maya is a powerful tool to make animated videos. It gives its user freedom of maneuvering images and creating 3D effects. Maya has brought revolution in 3D animated videos.
# G
1. Interactive and static multimedia objects have also revolutionized the Anatomy. Tools discussed above are widely used to create effective educational demos and animated videos to show how there anatomy can be used and employed. (A.D.A.M)
2. Animated genetic lab models of various species of animals can be very helpful in understanding the life and capacity of these species. (Froguts)

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