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Some of the most popular approaches include agile method and Waterfall model. Because of the software development complexities and varying project objectives as well as stake holders, none of the two approaches can…
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Class work
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work Affiliation Application development process can take different approaches. Some of the most popular approaches include agile method and Waterfall model. Because of the software development complexities and varying project objectives as well as stake holders, none of the two approaches can be considered more superior to the other. This paper seeks to prepare project outlines for a mobile application development using the two approaches.
Mobile application development outline – waterfall model
Conducting of analysis of needs -5 days
Sketch preliminary application specifications- 3 days
Developing of initial budget – 2 days
Reviewing of the application/budget with the team – 4 day
Incorporation of feedback on application stipulation – 1 day
Development of timeline for delivery – 1 day
Obtaining the approvals for proceeding (timeline, concept) – 4 days
Securing resources that are required – 1 day
SYSTEM DESIGN - 14.5 days
Reviewing of application stipulation – 2 days
Development of functional stipulations – 5 days
Developing of prototype on the basis of functional stipulations – 4 days
Reviewing of functional stipulations – 2 days
Incorporation of the feedback into functional conditions – 1 day
Get approval for proceeding – 4 days (Mcrosoft, 2013).
Team formation – 6 days
Identification of skill requirements – 2 days
Resources identification – 2 days
Assignment of functions to resources – 2 days
Definition of initial requirements – 29 days
Management of risk – 1 day
Definition of project tracking process – 5 days
Definition of solution process for problem - 4 days
Issue tracking process definition – 3 days
Change control procedure definition – 4 days
Accountability and expectations definition – 2 days
Conducting initial user interviews – 2 days
Usage scenario definition – 10 days
Preliminary user profile development -5 days
Preliminary vision statement development – 1 day
Design goals establishment – 8 days
Preliminary solution concept development – 5 days (Mcrosoft, 2013).
Agile has made use of short iterations called prints, which last longer. Requirement confirmation is done, development and testing of application is done and released in the course of the iteration and the next begins. Waterfall used stages.
With waterfall once the stage is over there is no going back except if a process change is followed that can take longer. In the case of Agile, where requirements are in need to change, then they are handled better with the process.
Waterfall roles generally differ from those of agile. Agile does have the role known as scrum master that is a type of project manager as well as release manager and may fail to be IT specialist. Water fall does have a traditional manager of the project who happens to be an IT person always in the sense of tradition.
With agile, application is tested at the end of every stage. With waterfall testing of the application is done at the end of the process.
What is needed ideally is a model that combines both the predictability as well as the accountability of waterfall approach with the agility as well as the adaptability of agile approach. An effective balance in between the both ideas could come up with a much more efficient model for software development.
Mcrosoft. (2013). Microsoft Solutions Framework application development project plan. Retrieved may 20, 2014, from us/templates/microsoft-solutions-framework-application-development-project-plan- TC001018448.aspx Read More
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