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A mobile application tool, which uses persuasive design to encourage young adults to make healthier food alternatives - Literature review Example

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A Mobile Application Tool, Which Uses Persuasive Design to Encourage Young Adults to Make Healthier Food Alternatives Table of Contents Chapter 2: Literature Review 3 2.1 Introduction 3 2.2 Unhealthy Eating Behaviours and Obesity 3 2.2.1 What Is a Balanced Diet 4 2.2.2 How Eating Behaviours Are Developed of Young Adults 4 2.2.3 The Risks of Unhealthy Eating/Obesity 6 2.3 Parents Role for Forming a Basis of Healthier Foods 8 2.4 Tackling Health Problems with Applications 9 2.5 Persuasive Technology in Encouraging Healthier Food Choices 11 2.5.1 BJ Fogg’s Model 12 2.5.2 Food Labelling 14 2.6 Theoretical User Requirement 14 2.7 Summary 15 References 16 Bibliography 20 Chapter 2: Literature Rev…
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A mobile application tool, which uses persuasive design to encourage young adults to make healthier food alternatives
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Extract of sample "A mobile application tool, which uses persuasive design to encourage young adults to make healthier food alternatives"

Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, the chapter is also based on reviewing the works of different authors about the aspects of balanced diet, the development of eating behaviour risks owing to unhealthy eating along with parents’ role in shaping the behaviour towards food choices. Different persuasive technologies that are used for shaping the attitudes of people towards healthy food choices have also been described in this chapter. 2.2 Unhealthy Eating Behaviours and Obesity Poor eating behaviour is regarded as a key public concern within young adults particularly during educational and early career life (Hampshire County Council, 2007). During this time, they are exposed to a lot of pressure from study and work related circumstances in order to meet the daily requirements and at times they find themselves in a prevalent scenario wherein they hardly find time to eat healthy foods in a regular expected duration, thereby they often revert to unhealthy food options (Hampshire County Council, 2007). These aspects generate a barrier against the adoption of healthy behaviour such as unhealthy eating habits and substance abuse among others (Hampshire County Council, 2007). Although these behaviours are regarded as temporary, at this age, the unhealthy eating habits can persist in the life of older adults (Hampshire County Council, 2007). Rapid changes in physical health and psychological developments have positioned young grownups as a nutritionally vulnerable group with weak eating behaviours who are unable to satisfy the dietary requirements (Hampshire County Council, 2007). Therefore, it can be recognised that in order to tackle the scenario of unhealthy eating behaviours and allied obesity, there is a requirement for young adults to focus on consuming a balanced diet which can enable them to nurture desired physical developments. 2.2.1 What Is a Balanced Diet In order to encourage healthy eating practices, balanced diet is important for young adults. According to School of Public Health (n.d.), balanced diet supports good health and helps to maintain a fit body for individuals. The development of a healthy eating habit facilitates an individual to become easily accustomed to balanced food intake behaviour. . For any balanced diet, it is particularly important to obtain the right amount and right type of foods. Unfortunately, most of the young individuals do not consume healthy diets which at times result in the creation of heart related illness and overweight (School of Public Health, n.d.). Along with ensuring a focus on balanced diet, there is a profound need to derive an understanding of how eating behaviours of young individuals are developed. 2.2.2 How Eating Behaviours Are Developed of Young Adults There are several aspects which determine the eating behaviour among individuals. For example, according to King & et. al. (2007), at times environmental factors bring about unhealthy behaviours among young adults. The growing number of shopping malls, convenience stores, restaurants and fast ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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