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IT PROJECT MANAGEMENT Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Importance of Project Management Concepts in the Success and Faliure of a Project 5 Business Process Changes and Successful Procedures that Need to be Followed By the Project Manager at Moonsoon Boutique to Deliver the Project On Time and On Budget 7 Three Constraints of Project Management 10 Overcoming the Challenges of Project Constraints 13 Conclusion 15 References 16 Bibliography 17 Introduction Project management reflects the application related to skills, tools and techniques to identify the activities that are required to be executed in attaining the business objectives (Comninos & Frigenti, 2006)…
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Download file to see previous pages The team circling the project manages various activities involved within the project. According to the activities, it has been further revealed that activities incorporate competing demands with respect to time, quality, risk and cost. Project teams make efforts in managing the expectations with regard to the stakeholders. It is the responsibility of the project team to identify the requirements related to running a project. The knowledge areas related to the project management represent the integration, time, scope, cost, quality, human resource and communication and risk management. Application of the knowledge areas with respect to project management is shown through a pictorial representation given below: (Choudhuri, n.d.). Application of Knowledge Areas (Choudhuri, n.d.) With reference to the provided scenario, it is observed that Moonsoon boutique wants to open an online shop, thus it has hired an IT Project Manager to handle and manage the entire project cycle. The objective of the assignment project related to Moonsoon boutique entails the effective handling of the required changes in the business process with the aid of a number of busineess and IT teams. This report will reflect the use and the application of the concept involved within project manegemnet that helps in the success or failure of a given project. The objectiv of this report is to discuss the three constraints of project management that entail scope, time and cost along with quality management (Choudhuri, n.d.). Importance of Project Management Concepts in the Success and Faliure of a Project Project management with respect to e-commerce plays a vital role in a business activity. The system related to e-commerce represents outsourcing solutions from the web as well as the mobile sites. A project manager involved in the management of e-commerce projects must take care about the package selection, knowledge management, project portfolio management and the improvement of the research process (Light & et. al., 2005). To manage and deliver a project successfully, it entails six phases. Application and implementation of six phases lead the team to the appropriate direction. In accordance with the phases of the project management, when it is divided, the total allocated work is separated into different components that ultimately facilitate in monitoring the activities in a convenient manner (Modesto & Tichapondwa, 2009). Initiation phase represents the beginning of any project. It incorporates the idea that relates to the exploration and the elaboration of the project. Implementation of the initiation phase reflects the feasibility of the project. In accordance with ensuring that the online shop of Moonsoon boutique functions appropriately, all the relevant details must be taken into concern. Parties involved in the given project must acquire a clear understanding and knowledge of the boutique shop. Proper and effective plan related to the proceedings of the project is planned by project manager in this phase (Modesto & Tichap ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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IT PROJECT MANAGEMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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