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Cloud Computing Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert Insert Date Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Cloud Computing 3 1.0 Introduction 3 1.1 Opportunities 3 1.1.1 Time to market products and services can be reduced 3 1.1.2 Reduction in cost of IT investment 3 1.1.3 Reduction of barrier of entrance 4 1.1.4 Pay as you go 4 1.1.5 Business opportunity 4 1.1.6 New Markets 5 1.1.7 On Demand Self Service 5 1.1.8 Opportunity to enhance IT systems 5 1.1.9 Rapid elasticity 5 1.1.10 Availability 5 1.2 Security Concerns 6 1.2.1 Privileged User Access 6 1.2.2 Regulatory compliance 6 1.2.3 Data location 7 1.2.4 Data segregation 7 1.2.5 Data Recovery 7 1.2.6 Investigative support 7 1.2.7…
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Cloud computing (Opportunities and concerns (security))
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Download file to see previous pages Cloud computing greatly scales down the business resources, this is because you do not have to own these resources but you can get them through the web. These resources include software and business applications, development and runtime platforms and infrastructure (Hauck et al 2010). Hayes (2010) describes this phenomenon as programs and data being transferred from personal computers and corporate server rooms and being installed in constellations or clouds. He cites an example of making an excel spreadsheet using Google docs. In this case you may not have the software installed in your computer but you can access it over the web services and web APIs. Cloud computing has come with several opportunities especially for the business people but there has also been several security concerns over this innovation. This paper discusses the opportunities availed by cloud computing and also the security concerns. 1.1 Opportunities 1.1.1 Time to market products and services can be reduced Cloud computing provides businesses with an opportunity to market their products via the services available on the internet. The old method was that one had to use the computer software to publish posters to advertise their products and services. These posters had then to be distributed to the potential consumers. However, businesses can now use cloud based systems such as emails, Facebook and Twitter to market their products and services. I think this is a good opportunity for businesses that have embraced technology. 1.1.2 Reduction in cost of IT investment Cloud computing offer businesses and organizations an opportunity to reduce on their cost of investing in information and technology. Traditionally, businesses, individuals or organizations had to install the software they required and maintain them. This software comes with a price and they may need regular updates. The software may also crash and lead to lose of all your data. The introduction of cloud marketing has reduced the risks and costs in information technology. The software or programs are available over the internet and you only pay on demand. You do not need to pay for the maintenance cost and the risk of data loss is greatly reduced. However, I think cloud computing also needs some investment in IT. 1.1.3 Reduction of barrier of entrance The introduction of cloud computing is a game changer for rules of competition in the business sector. Traditionally, only large business could manage to own and use computer services and programs in their business activities because of the cost of installation and maintenance. Cloud avails the infrastructure to all business on rent. This offers small and medium enterprises an opportunity to efficiently use the infrastructure and enjoy the benefits as large firms. With that, the platform of competition will be levelled. This might be true, but it is my view that it is the already established companies that can better utilize the opportunity of cloud ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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