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[Critical Infrastructure Security and Policy] [Instructor] [Class] Introduction USA being the most powerful state is obliged to look over on the chaos and destruction occurring around the world. In the preservation of peace in place of war or conflict, the USA has been paying a big price for this involvement in other countries…
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Critical Infrastructure Security and Policy
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Download file to see previous pages It certainly has grabbed the USA government attentions onto it and made them obliged to take some instantly grave actions in order to prevent the impact of resulting turmoil. CFR's latest Preventive Priorities Survey (PPS) lists insecurity in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, an Iranian nuclear disaster, and an amplification of the European sovereign debt crisis among the most important international unforeseen event relative to U.S. national interests that has ultimately shaped as a frightening threat to the USA. Let us examine carefully all the threats that have been experienced by the USA and see the reason behind every threat (Chertoff, 2009). The outburst of Cyber Attacks Countries that attack the United States China Russia There are two countries in particular that have recently advanced their cyber attacks on the United States because of their new revival into the global economy, China and Russia. The United States had publicly accused both China and Russia of recent attacks that the United States had experienced. This recent attack from China exposed that China was aiming 48 different defense corporations from the United States, United Kingdom, and Bangladesh (Kim, 2011). This has been an enduring theme from China, who is trying to achieve information and blueprints from countries that have better more advanced technology than they do themselves. While Russia doesn’t attack the United States as repeatedly as China does, simply because Russia doesn’t have the hackers available to attack a defense shield as the United States has, they are getting an abundance of practice on the former countries part of the Soviet Union (energy. Gov, 2012). Along with different countries that use cyber attacks to target the United States there are also terror groups that are starting to use cyber attacks and also other groups seeking to chop into government systems to gather information. It is predictable that with the physical defense of countries growing especially the United States, that terrorists which rely on cyber terror attacks on the United States rather than physical attacks because it is now much convenient and effective to shake the United States dominance via cyber attacks. Threats to control systems can come from various resources, including antagonistic governments, terrorist groups, annoyed employees, and malicious burglars. To guard against these threats, it is essential to construct a secure cyber-barrier around the Industrial Control System (ICS). Now the USA digital infrastructure is vulnerable. Yet the Department of Defense can’t do everything on its own. Corporations that don’t shield themselves are putting both their bottom lines and national security at threat. Yes, cyber security standards are an imperfect response to a weird and dangerous new kingdom of conflict. At the moment, though, they’re the only thing eminence between us and the abyss (Johsen, 2011). Al Qaeda threatens to USA The fact that a catastrophic attack against America equivalent to 9/11 has not occurred over the past 11 years should not recommend that a future one is not being designed. In summer 2006, al Qaeda-linked functioning in London schemed to explode liquid explosives on board 10 transatlantic airliners flying from the UK to America and Canada. In September 2009, Najibullah Zazi and his acquaintances were detained for plotting to carry out a suicide ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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