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The paper "Power of Information Technology for Organizations" discusses that Enterprise resource planning is defined as systems that integrate internal and external management information across an entire organization. The system is automated with an integrated software application. …
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Power of Information Technology for Organizations
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Download file to see previous pages The rise of the discipline of statistics was an outcome of the will of the state to get knowledge of the population and its tendencies such as mortality, health, work or lifestyles and to control it better. To discuss how information technology has opened up the power and knowledge to information technology companies, the cases on the learning process and Business process reengineering and Enterprise Resource Process will be evaluated (Hammer and Champy (2001, p.39). Hammer and Champy (2001, p.89) state that the learning process is a process of knowledge conversion, and it involves four modes. The assumption that knowledge is created through the relations between inferred and clear knowledge enables us to categorize the four modes: from tacit knowledge to tacit knowledge known as socialization, from tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge called externalization, from explicit knowledge to explicit knowledge known as combination and lastly from explicit knowledge to tacit knowledge also referred to as internalization. Socialization acts as a connection with the theories of group processes and culture of the organization. Combination entails the processing of information while internalization is related to learning in organizations. Externalization is, however, neglected and has not closely been considered in many cases. Socialization is a process of experience sharing thus, creation of inferred knowledge such as mental modes, which are shared, and technical skills. Someone can acquire inferred knowledge from others directly without the involvement of language. An outstanding example is that of apprentices who normally work beside their masters and learn craftsmanship, not by any mode of conversation but rather through observation, imitation, and practice. All that somebody requires to acquire is knowledge and experience (Hammer and Champy, 2001, p.103). According to Hammer and Champy (2001, p.103), experiences helps one by, projecting him into another individual’s thinking process and gain something. For example, Matsushita Electric Industrial Company in Japan, a major problem in developing an automatic bread making the machine in the late 1980s at the Osaka based Company concentrated on mechanizing the process of dough-kneading, which is essentially inferred knowledge processed by master bakers. Socialization also occurs between product developers and customers. Interactions of customers with product developers and aftermarket introductions are, in, fact, a never-ending process of sharing inferred knowledge and idea creation for improvement. Hammer and Champy (2001, p.100) argue that externalization such as from tacit to explicit is a process of articulating tacit knowledge into clear concepts. It is a typical knowledge creation process in that inferred knowledge becomes clear, taking the figures of metaphors, analogies, concepts, hypotheses, or models. By conceptualizing a figure, we express its essence mostly in language writing in an act of converting inferred knowledge into achievable knowledge. Words are often inadequate, insufficient and inconsistent. Such variations and breaks between figures and expressions, nevertheless, assist in promoting expression and interaction between individuals. Knowledge conversion of externalization mode is typically seen in the action of creation of concepts and is triggered by dialogue. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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