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Information Networks and Business Intelligence: Decision Locus and Political Hotbed - Research Paper Example

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LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE CLINIC AND RESORT CASES ABOUT CREATING, IMPLEMENTING, AND USING BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Name: Instructor: Introduction Business intelligence refers to a collection of decision support software technologies for enterprises, which are intended to enable managers, executives, and analyst to make faster, better, and well-informed decisions…
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Information Networks and Business Intelligence: Decision Locus and Political Hotbed
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Download file to see previous pages It is quite difficult to find an enterprise that has not tried several Business Intelligence technologies before settling for one that it considers meeting all its demands. There are lessons that are learned from such experimentation and deployment of BI technologies as is the case with Marshfield Clinic and Exclusive Resorts, LLC Destination Club.Exclusive Resorts, LLC Destination Club experienced several challenges due from the Oracle software their chose for their financial management and resource planning. The solution presented disconnected and multiple systems. This was also the case with the, which is the solution Exclusive Resorts, LLC Destination Club chose for the field representatives for the management of customer accounts. Another challenge that Exclusive Resorts, LLC Destination Club faced was the inflexibility with the Business Intelligent solutions that it chose. ...
This is because these solutions were hosted offsite such as the Oracle software, which was hosted on Oracle on Demand, and the hosted on the servers. The company also developed a system dubbed the ER Compass, which they were to use administrative purposes. All these three systems were disconnected and there was no integration. It was thus incumbent upon Exclusive Resorts, LLC Destination Club to look for ways of integrating the systems easily so as to deliver a BI solution that would cope with their growing needs and business challenges. The difficulties posed by their chosen solution thus prompted them to look for an alternative ERP solution that would facilitate easy integration with other system that they were using. This would help improve the company’s competitive edge as well as their member service while increasing the member growth. The ERP system adopted by Exclusive Resorts also faced the challenge of being inflexible. The system could not cope in meeting the growing needs of the company and it was thus very difficult for it to adapt to the changing business needs. According to Charles Livingston, Exclusive Resorts Senior V.P. of Technology, customization of the Oracle system to meet their changing business need was not an easy task. The system was not easy to use too and most employs especially from the Finance department found it very challenging. Accordingly, direct extraction of data for the production of concise business reports and integration proved to be very painstaking and difficult task. This required the company to purchase additional software that would help curb this problem. The use of this ERP system and the complexity ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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