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Open Source Software: Management Report Abstract The study will try to highlight various features of open source software. Comparative benefit analysis of open source technology will be part an important part of the study. Australian Government is trying to implement Open Source Software technology in educational department and this study will try to create a market report about OSS to help the government to understand critical success factor of the technology…
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Open Source Software: Management Report
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Download file to see previous pages Main finding of the report can be described in the manner, 1- low ownership cost of OSS, 2- integration of OSS into Change Management, 3- competitive advantage of OSS over proprietary software. Table of Contents Table of Contents 3 1.0 Open Source Software 5 2.0 Government Agency and Open Source Software 7 2.1 China 8 2.2 Germany 8 2.3 Austria 8 2.4 United Kingdom 9 2.5 South Korea 9 2.6 USA 9 3.1 Technical Aspects 10 3.2 Universal Acceptance 11 3.3 Vendor Lock in 12 3.4 Source Code 12 3.5 Open Source Licenses 12 4.0 Implementation of Open Source Software 13 14 5.0 Evidence Based Practice 14 6.0 Financial and Strategic Benefit 15 7.0 SWOT Analysis for OSS 17 7.1 Strength 17 7.2 Weakness 18 7.3 Opportunity 18 7.4 Threat 18 8.0 Change Management 19 9.0 Conclusion 19 1.0 Open Source Software Organizations require manipulating various resources (financial power, human resource capital, technological aspects) in order to sustain in the hypercompetitive market. No organization has unlimited resources and for this reason they need to use it carefully to survive in the market competition. Business management is a broad term used by management researchers to define various elements of business operation. Not only has private sector given importance on business managing but also other types of organizations (NGOs, public sectors) give importance on the subject. Business management is important counterbalance any types of organizational disruptions or inconveniences. Organizational sustainability depends on efficiency of management team. The organization is not a mere set of employees or top management. Organizational sustainability depends on synchronization between top level management, middle level management and lower level management. Business Process Management has emerged as latest trend in recent years. Business Process Management emphasizes on using the organizational resources to create business excellence and gain gung ho edge over other competitors. Reducing cost of the business operation is one of the major aspects of Business Process Management. The process plays cordial role on designing a scalable, robust and flexible information system for the organization. Utilizing financial resources in a cost effective manner decides the centrality of application process for information system. Top level management of the company uses integrated model of Business Process Management and information system to create a sustainable strategy to increase efficacy of business operation (Daniel, Barkaoui and Dustdar, 2011, p. 26). Many research scholars have suggested various management theories about resource management and companies use them as guideline to create sustainable business process framework. Financial resource management is one of the most important aspects in order to analyze feasibility of any business process. Top management of the company requires understanding the importance of investment planning on state of art technology to create competitive edge over competitors. Companies have a common belief that implementing information technology can decrease operational cost but in many of the cases implementation process fails. Reasons for failure can be summarized in the following manner. Organizations do not understand the importance of the problem regarding business process and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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