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The current report is intended to be a feasibility report for the development of the online auction system for vehicle selling and purchase. The vehicles purchase/selling system will work on the basis of online auctions. Bidders of the vehicles will gradually increase the bid cost for a specific time period…
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Systems Analysis, Design and Development (Object Oriented using UML)
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Download file to see previous pages Resources The resources that need to be made available to the analyst are a separate secluded environment with an up-to-date computing system that is connected to the rest of the computing devices of the organization. The computing system needs to be equipped with the latest and most comprehensive analytical software that would enable the provision of precise and timely analytical assessment as and when required. The time given to the analyst for conducting his assessment should be ample so that the process gets done in its due time thus guaranteeing its error freeness. 1 SUMMARY The current report is intended to be a feasibility report for the development of the online auction system for vehicle selling and purchase. The vehicles purchase/selling system will work on the basis of online auctions. Bidders of the vehicles will gradually increase the bid cost for a specific time period. The system will monitor the auction end time. At the end of auction period highest bidder will be the winner of the bid. Subsequent notifications to the respective seller and highest bidder will be generated by the system automatically. Since it would be online and less cumbersome than a real world vehicle auction scenario, the online auction management system will attract both purchasers and sellers to use it. The system would, in turn, get benefited from both the participants. The proposed system will not only provide an operational platform for such convenient buying, but would also maintain the bidder and seller profiles in order to produce future follow ups. The system will comprise of the following core modules a brief summary of which is provided as follows: Customer (Seller/Bidder) Profiling: This module maintains and manages the details of each purchaser (bidder) and...
The paper tells that an online auction mechanism is intended which attracts sellers and buyers of vehicles. The system will be a reliable e-commerce system and will provide opportunity for online sales through auctions. Both the seller and the buyers will be the customers of the system. The system will maintain the personal information of both participants. After registering a vehicle by a seller the bidder will be able to bid on it until the bidding time expires. All bidders will have equal opportunity to increase the bid with equal rate, that is, 100 $ for car and 50 $ for motorcycle. After ending the bidding process, the bids will be evaluated and decision will be made accordingly. The bidder with highest bid among all the other bidders will win the vehicle auction; however, the biding price must be greater than the base price as provided by the seller. The successful bidder will be notified by the system automatically then he has to perform personal visit to the vehicle and payment will be made. In case of the failure of the auction i.e. the highest bid could not cross the minimum price of the vehicle or in case of no bid, the system will automatically notify the seller about the situation and the vehicle information will be removed in both cases. Such system will allow purchasers to have a fair market survey and will provide ample vehicle selection opportunities. Due to the effectiveness of system both the purchaser and seller would not be able to acquire undue benefits in any case. With the optimized vehicle price (as desired by the seller) the bidder will not have to pay exorbitantly. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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