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Wireless networking offers wonderful advantages and opportunities to get easy access to communication and collaborative services. Due to this reason, it has been evolving quickly around the world. In addition, most of the modern technologies today are completely reliant on wireless communication. …
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Wireless Security
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, there are countless security and privacy issues also emerging in wireless networking environments. Though, the new technologies require more and more high level application of wireless communication networks, but such implementations are being established without giving significant concentration to privacy and security related issues. Consequently, the majority of wireless networks around the world are in danger regarding security and safety. Thus, there are a lot of chances that someone with appropriate equipment could be able to spy network traffic. In this scenario, they can get access to users’ passwords and other data (Gerkis, 2006; The State University of New Jersey, 2006).
In addition, these security issues and attacks are not immediately theoretical. Additionally, techniques and tools to tap near wireless networks are extensively accessible, even for palmtop devices (Gerkis, 2006; The State University of New Jersey, 2006). In this situation there is vital need for implementing wireless security. Wireless security management has turned out to be a hot issue in literature. This paper presents a detailed analysis of wireless security related issues and their management. This research will analyze some of the important aspects of wireless security, main challenges and possible mitigation techniques.
TECHNOLOGY INVOLVED IN WIRELESS NETWORKS Consider the fact that users of WLAN (wireless local area network) are able to travel along with their laptop computers and other devices from one location to another inside their offices or houses without breaking the link with the network. Thus, many corporations and general public at the present think that wireless communication based devices are very useful, efficient, and easy to operate. On the other hand, personal networks based on wireless technology help users receive and distribute data, as well as software applications, by making use of network systems and other users of the network with well-matched devices, without establishing a connection to printer cables and other secondary device links. In fact, with wireless networking users of small PDA, hand-held devices and cell phones can effectively coordinate data and information among PDAs and personal computers, as well as are able to effectively make use of internet based services like that web browsing, email and internet access. In addition, wireless communications can help individuals and business firms reduce their networking or wiring costs (Radack, 2011; Gerkis, 2006; css-security, 2010). In this scenario, Information Technology Laboratory established by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), presents various standards and measures which can be adopted to enhance safety and security of wireless communication networks. Additionally, National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication (SP) 800-48, Wireless Network Security, 802.11, Bluetooth, and Hand-held Devices, whose authors were Les Owens and Tom Karygiannis, outlines 3 main and fundamental aspects of wireless security: (Radack, 2011; Ge ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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