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Research Essay Competing Value Framework Introduction According to Quinn and Rohrbaugh, (1983), the Competing Values Framework (CVF) is one of the most popular framework or models in the history of business in the entire world. It mainly emerged after empirical research on the question of making an organization effective for a long period of time (Quinn and Rohrbaugh, 1983)…
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Research essay Competing Value Framework
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Download file to see previous pages It also helps in improvement of the profit margin and revenue of the organization as compared to other rivals in the market. Other than this, the framework of CVF is also often thought to be as a leadership tool utilized to improve the sales and revenue of the organization. Moreover the CVF might also be used for varied aspects and levels in organizations for their betterment and improvement. Apart from this, the CVF also serves as a map, an organizing mechanism, a sense-making device, a source of new ideas and a learning system to make the organization more and more effective in long run. This research paper mainly describes the meaning and developments of competing value framework (CVF) and the organizational focus with the help of two axis’s long with its benefits for the organization Definition of competing value framework Competing Values is all about accepting and analyzing the ways to appreciate the conflicting values in order to integrate them successfully for the betterment of the organization. This might help the organization to improve its total sale as well as brand image in the market among others in the market. Along with this, it might also help an organization to analyze the strength and weakness so as to make use of it for its improvement and reduce its discrepancies. The Competing Values Framework (CVF) was developed for the benefit of the organization by analyzing the organizational culture, organizational effectiveness, organizational design, information processing, organizational quality, leadership competencies, stages of life cycle development, leadership roles, financial strategy and brain functioning. Therefore after examining all these above mentioned factors, the effectives of the organization may be improved as compared to others (Smart & Hamm, 1993). Other than this, if the organizational profit margin is increased then the level of reliability and trust of the customers over the brand might also increase resulting in amplification of its total customers range. Due to all these advantages, it is considered to be one of the best models to improve the organizational portfolio in the market among others. Consequently it also helps to identify the set of guidelines that might facilitate the managers or leaders to diagnose, congruencies, manage the interrelationships and contradictions among the different aspects of associations to improve the organizations’ performance and market value in the market. So, it is highly appreciated (Quinn & Cameron, 1999). Development of competing value framework The Competing Values Framework came into existence from a series of theoretical framework and empirical studies and research conducted on the idea of organizational efficiency (Quinn & Rohrbaugh, 1983). All these efforts are performed with an attempt to improve the essence of organizational effectiveness in the market (Quinn and Rohrbaugh, 1983). Apart from this, the faculties of University of Michigan also undertook varied types of organizational aspects into consideration so as to improve the fame in the market among other rivals. It consists of two dimensions among which the first one is related to organizational focus on the internal emphasis of the employees of the organization along with the external factors as well. The second dimension represents the contrast ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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